Video: 5 Hidden Places in Hong Kong

In a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, it’s hard to keep up with what’s new. Here are five hidden gems.
15 families from the local village have been invited for a special evening at The School of Dreams. Each of them will receive one of these new "Crush Lights" which combine all Solar Panel, Battery and Light into one tight and collapsable package. We are very

Dream Lights for Schoolkids: Bringing Solar-Powered Light to Malawai

Although she didn’t accomplish her dream of flying from the summit of Mount Mulanje, this pilot found a deeper sense of purpose in Malawai with the School of Dreams.

Video: Exploring Niagara, Ontario Beyond the Falls

Video host Carri Wilbanks heads behind the scenes for an unusual look at Niagara Falls.

Sailing Adventure: Windjammer Cruise in Maine

Cruising in Maine is a unique experience. Instead of massive cruise ships, a small fleet of historic wooden tall ships called windjammer explore the coast of Maine.

Video: Best Moments from Québec Winter Carnival 2019

The Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world, and draws more than 500,000 people. Take a look at some of the fun!
Video on travel in Maui

Video: Experience Authentic Hawaii on Maui

Maui is home to a thriving Hawaiian culture. Here are six ways to experience authentic Hawaiian culture.

Video: Kerala, India – A Tropical Paradise

A state in South India on the Malabar coast, Kerala is known as God's own country -- and for good reason.
Kayaking with Shank's Mare on the Susquehanna River in York County, PA. Photo by Carri Wilbanksvideo

Video: Outdoor Adventure in York County, PA

York County, PA may be the "Factory Tour Capital of the World," yet it's also rich in outdoor recreation. Here's how to spend the weekend in this unique part of Pennsylvania.

Video: Norway in a Nutshell

From the Norwegian fjords to the capital city of Oslo, Norway is well worth the visit.
The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada can have tides up to 30 feet high. Photo by Carri Wilbanks

St. Andrews By-the-Sea: A Canadian Maritime Holiday

St. Andrews By-The-Sea is a timeless seaside town. From whale-watching along the shore to a stay at the classic Algonquin Resort, here's what to see and do in St. Andrews By-The-Sea.

Video: Rhythms of Peru

In his video, Rhythms of Peru, filmmaker Nathaniel Connella showcases the hidden gems of Peru and allows travelers to see the country from a new and fresh perspective.
Discover the Old West in Kansasvideo

Video: Cattle Towns and Cowboys, Kansas and The Old West

The larger-than-life cowboy legends of the Old West were born on the frontier plains and in the cattle towns of Kansas.

Grand Central Terminal: Secrets of the Main Concourse Ceiling

Grand Central Terminal in New York City turns 103 years old this year. This new video series tells some of the unique stories behind the famous station, including the mysteries of the Main Concourse ceiling.

Humans and Gray Whales Meet at Magdalena Bay

In Mexico’s Magdalena Bay, the curiosity between humans and gray whales is mutual. Part three in our series, "Whale Sharks, Sea Lions and Gray Whales: Adventures in La Paz"

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