Running in Hong Kong

Running Away from it All: Places to Race

Races across the globe offer the visitor a chance to meet locals and see the sights in a way few ever do.
Boating in Brazil

Boat Ride to Heaven: Brazil’s Alter do Chão

Even by speedboat, this journey up the Amazon takes 13 hours. But the slice of heaven at the end makes the trip worthwhile.

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil: A Collage of Cultures

Known as the "most African city in the Western Hemisphere," this bustling Brazilian town is a collage of cultures.
Airport Fees

When Leaving Isn’t Easy: Airport Fees

Before you head to to any foreign country, it’s good to know about potential surprise fees, especially departure fees.

It Really Happened: Visas Required

In all of my careful planning, I'd forgotten nothing ― except to apply for our visas.

Real Rio: Brazil’s Cidade Maravilhosa

With its rich culture of music and the fun-loving cariocas (locals), Brazil's Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) delights all five senses.