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Japan is located in East Asia and is made up of 6,852 islands. Known for their polite ways, the Japanese are welcoming to visitors and often helpful to lost or confused foreigners. Travel in Japan usually includes sampling delicious Japanese cuisine, seeing the cherry blossoms, experiencing Japanese culture and seeing traditional Japanese architecture. The modern, fast-paced capital city of Tokyo is a top destination.

Sumo culture in Japan

When Giants Collide: Sumo Culture in Tokyo

Catch a rare glimpse into Japan’s ancient sport of sumo from a ringside seat.
Otaru, Japan. Photo by Andrew Day

A Weekend in Hokkaido: Travel in Japan

With a new bullet train linking Tokyo with Japan’s northernmost island, skiing, natural hot springs and freshly caught seafood are a little closer.
Geisha girl in Japan. Flickr/Japanexperterna.se

Going Geisha in Gion

Tradition runs deep in Kyoto, Japan -- especially in this unique profession.
Climbing Mt. Fuji

Tackling Mt. Fuji: Climbing in Japan

There is only one way to view the most famous mountain in this Asian country—from the top.
Stay in a capsule hotel in Japan

Keep Out, Man! Staying in a Tokyo Capsule Hotel

Roadside motel, Japanese-style. Set aside coins if you want to watch in-bunk television.
Actor Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe: From Samurai Warrior to Romantic Lead

Watanabe’s role in the film Memoirs of a Geisha has the critics talking.
Japan is a bustling and beautiful place.

Living in Japan: Travel Essay

For me, life in Japan has been a puzzle to be solved. When I work out which piece goes where, life becomes easier.

Kyoto Cooking: In Mrs. Osawa’s Kitchen

Drop in on a local to learn more about Japanese culture than any guidebook could reveal. And the lunch is good, too.
Sento bathhouse in Japan

Coming Clean in Japan: Soak in a Sento

Bath houses, known as sentos, are a soothing relief to the hubbub of urban Japan.

Demons, Tulips, and Scenic Canals: Japan’s Dutch-Themed Amusement Park

Watch tons of water dumped on a pristine Dutch town, see a little girl save her sick dog from demons or just relax by the windmills.
The Sapporo Snow Festival

Chilling Out with 10,000 Snowmen in Japan

At the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, snowmen and ice sculpting take on new meaning.

It Really Happened: Visas Required

In all of my careful planning, I'd forgotten nothing ― except to apply for our visas.

Reflections on Hiroshima

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park remembers the past and brings hope for the future.

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