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Travel Writing SubmissionsContributor’s Guidelines

Have a story to tell? Why not share it with Go World Travel readers?

Go World Travel contributors come in all shapes and sizes, from seasoned travel journalists to first-time writers. All have two things in common – a love of travel and the ability to write well. If you can weave a good travel story, chances are, we will be interested.

Before submitting your story, though, please have a look at GoWorldTravel.com to review our style, and to see what we have already covered. Go World Travel carries stories that go beyond the usual articles carried in newspaper travel sections.

We want to know more than how to get to a place or what to do there. Tell us about the people who call this destination home, the treasured regional customs, or the places where locals hang out. We want to smell the aromas, taste the food, explore the streets and walk down hidden paths. Go World Travel aims to help our readers experience a destination.

We’re looking for honest, down-to-earth descriptive writing. We’re not interested in a laundry list of things you saw and did; rather, we look for vivid descriptions, lively anecdotes and straightforward language that shows a sense of curiosity and interest in the destination. Go World Travel is written from an international perspective. Our readers are travel lovers from North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and around the globe.


We accept articles up to 1,600 words in length. First-person writing often provides the best insight, but should be written in a professional manner. Please provide an “If You Go” section at the end of your article with helpful websites and travel information for the destination, as well as your author’s bio.

Articles in GoWorldTravel.com are visually appealing and include several photos. Please let us know if you have photos to accompany your work. If we are interested in the piece, we will ask you to send the photos. Be sure to include photo credits and captions.

Article Submissions:
All submissions can be sent to submissions@goworldtravel.com. Please put the story title and destination in the subject line.

Don’t forget to add your name, address, email and author bio to your submission (in the document itself, not just your email).

Please let us know if your piece has been published elsewhere. Payment: We purchase non-exclusive online rights. Payment is $30 to $40 per story/photo essay upon publication.

FYI for Travel Lovers:

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