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With and our social media outreach, you can make a direct connection with more than one million of the world’s most frequent travelers.

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Our readers are actively researching and planning their next trip, and they come to us for travel ideas and inspiration.

We work with destination marketing organizations, tourism boards, resorts, tour operators and travel agencies around the world to help promote their brands.

Marketing to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Whether you’re a large destination marketing organization or a one-man tour operator, we have advertising options to fit your needs.



Publication of one sponsored post that you provide + one FB story and one Instagram story with a link to your post



Publication of one sponsored post that you provide + social media posts/stories/reels in five of our platforms

Silver Marketing Package


The package includes two sponsored posts that we write, social media, ads and posts in our newsletter and more

Gold Marketing Package


The package includes two sponsored posts that we write, social media, ads and posts in two newsletters + much more

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About Go World Travel Magazine

Go World Travel is a niche digital magazine for frequent travelers. Our readers are passionate about world travel. They count on us for information they can trust.

Based in the United States, we are world citizens dedicated to covering travel in more than 90 countries. Our content is produced by a dedicated staff, as well as more than 200 freelance travel journalists from around the globe.

Go World Travel is a leading voice in the travel media landscape. Since 2008, readers have counted on us for accurate and insightful travel information. Our award-winning content not only informs, but inspires travel.

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Explore the World with Go World Travel Magazine

Travel broadens our world and promotes understanding. Our mission includes:

  • Provide content that not only informs but inspires travel
  • Promote understanding between cultures
  • Create a worldwide community of travelers
  • Provide a platform for tourism organizations, operators and brands to reach travelers
  • Provide an economic boost to economies that rely on tourism
  • Promote and support sustainable tourism

FAQ Travel Advertising



A sponsored post (also known as a native ad or sponsored content) is an article written in a journalistic fashion to share your message with readers. Using the tools of storytelling, sponsored posts engage with readers in an authentic manner. Sponsored posts provide valuable information to the reader while promoting your brand. Placing a sponsored travel post on our site allows you to connect authentically with frequent travelers.


We offer a variety of advertising options and can customize a package to work for you, whether you want to place a single sponsored post or a full branded content package.

  • Destination Page Sponsorship (for example, a German advertiser might sponsor our Germany page)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Banner Advertising
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Branded Content Packages
  • Sponsored Posts (Native Advertising)