Canada’s Niagara Region is home to one of the most sought after spots — Niagara Falls. While there, carve out an extra 30 minutes for a dramatically different perspective on the Journey Behind The Falls Tour. In the winter, peer through icicle framed windows to see a complete view of the massive and powerful waterfall from the ground up.

A cool climate, lakes and limestone geography all help to make the Niagara Peninsula a prime grape growing region. Here, you will find more than 140 wineries producing the most wine in the Ontario region. Frozen Vidal grapes are picked in winter before being fermented into Icewine. The region is getting big time accolades for other wines too, including Sparkling, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cab Francs.

Wine can even be experienced through spa treatments at the Shaw Spa. Treatment options include the White Muscat Grape Body Wrap (55 minutes, $110.00) Divine Wine Massage (25 minutes, $75.00, 55 minutes, $110.00 and 85 minutes, $145.00) Vinotherapy Facial (55 minutes, $105.00) and the Grape & Wine Pedicure (85 minutes, $80.00).

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