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Greece is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, due to its warm weather and seaside location. Visitors travel to Greece year round from around the world. Some of the most popular destinations in Greece are Santorini and Athens. Many cruise ships stop in Greece.

Family travel holiday in Greece. Flickr/ mariusz kluzniak

Travels with Mom in Greece

I knew that traveling to Europe with my two daughters was going to be an experience, but this wasn't what I envisioned.
Metéora Monastery in Greece. Flickr/ alaskapine

Greece’s Meteora Monastaries

The remote Meteora Monastaries in the Kalambaka Valley move at their own pace.

Yannis Chapsis: Greek Artist

Greek artist Yannis Chapsis is determined to preserve his native Karpathos one painting at a time.

Santorini’s Aressana Hotel in the Spring

The hotel’s lavish welcome was for us and us alone.
Island hopping in Greece

Off-Season Travel: Greek Island-Hopping

Winter season in Greece means fewer crowds and the chance to experience the charm and history of Greek islands at a leisurely pace.

(Sponsored) Sailing the Greek Islands

Sailing has always been an activity reserved for the lucky few. All who have experienced sailing become enchanted with the sense of freedom that...

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