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Travel tips and lessons

Four Lessons That Travel Teaches Us

You can't learn these life lessons in a classroom, but travel is an excellent teacher.
Travel tips - Top travel mistakes to avoid

6 Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are six of the most common mistakes that travelers make, along with some strategies that will help you steer clear of them.
The aptly named Airbrau at Munich Airport produces three kinds of beer, plus seasonal types, and diners have a good view of the brewing process. Photo courtesy Munich Airport

Not Just for Flying: Unusual Airport Amenities Around the World

Airports around the globe have upped their game when it comes to keeping passengers happy. Here's what you'll find at these innovative airports.
How to attend an opera in Germany: Tips for attending an opera at Semper Opera in Dresden, Germany. Photo by Klaus Gigga

Tips for Attending the Opera in Germany

Want to attend an opera in Germany? Here is what you need to know about attending the opera in Munich, Dresden and more.
How to save money traveling in Europe

How to Save Money While Traveling in Europe

Travel in Europe doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are nine ways to stretch your money and make the most of your travel budget in Europe.
Costa Rica is a top destination for expats. Flickr/Christian Arballo

Moving Abroad? 5 Top Expat Destinations

For some, moving abroad provides better-value living, more affordable healthcare and warmer weather. So where are expats moving to? Here are five top expat destinations.
Top inspirational travel quotes

Top 20 Inspirational Travel Quotes

Travel is one of the great joys in life. Here are some of our favorite quotes celebrating travel.
Overcoming Jet Lag

Overcoming Jet Lag

Jet lag is no fun, but there are some simple ways to help combat this travel malady. Take it from someone who crosses time zones a lot.
Mobile phone use on holiday

New Study Finds Drawbacks of Device Usage While Traveling

Sitting on a beach? Here’s why you might want to put down that phone
GuestToGuest spoke to Go World Travel about unique opportunities for housing while traveling.

5 Questions: How to Do a Home Exchange While Traveling

One of the most unique ways to travel is a home exchange. What is a home exchange and how do you do it? We asked the experts at GuestToGuest.
Nosh on filet mignon enchiladas and jalapeño margaritas at La Fonda's signature restaurant, La Plazuela. Photo by La Fonda on the Plaza

Dining and Etiquette Around the World

Did you know that in France, you should finish everything on your plate but leave your wine glass nearly full if you do not want more. Here are dining etiquette tips from around the world.
World travel - Temple of Jupiter

Why Lebanon Should Be On Your Bucket List‬‬

A native of Lebanon shares what she loves about her home country -- and what you might enjoy too! Here are 11 things to do, see and experience in Lebanon
Traveling while pregnant

Traveling While Pregnant: Your Travel Health

Expecting a little one? Tips and advice for traveling safely while pregnant.
Women travel - traveling along

Solo Travel: Rewards of Traveling Alone

Traveling alone offers the chance to try new things, make new friends and even surprise yourself with unexpected abilities.

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