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South America

South America

Best travel in South America

Travel in Salento Columbia

Beyond Coffee: Salento, Colombia

There's more to this region of Colombia than coffee. Travelers to Salento can hike Cocora Valley, a national park famous for its Dr.Seuss reminiscent wax palm trees.

Brazil: Where to Find Rio’s Best Feijoada

Find the best places to eat feijoada in Brazil -- and learn how to make your own.
Travel in the Galapagos Islands

Up Close and Personal: The Galapagos Islands

With so many rare species and unique-looking animals, the Galapagos Islands are like no other place on earth.
Floating islands of Peru

Walking on Water: The Floating Islands of Peru

When you step off the boat, you won’t lose your sea legs. The “land” here is made of reeds, and island-building is a constant project.

Argentina: Losing It at the End of the World

A traveler finds himself stranded in Ushuaia, the southern tip of Argentina.

Spain Builds a Super-Fort in Cartagena, Colombia

Discover a piece of history at the fortress of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

5 Countries with the Best Healthcare in the World

Looking for the best healthcare in the world? It may just be a beach vacation away.

Hiking Off the Beaten Path in Peru

In the past, you could stroll into Cusco and leave immediately on a self-guided Inca trip. How times have changed!
Beach in San Andres

Cafe Gourmet: Dining in San Andres

This improbably named cafe is filled with colorful characters and the catchy sounds of Caribbean music.

Dining in San Andres: A Night at Cafe Gourmet

Eating at this colorful Caribbean cafe on San Andres Island is always an adventure.
Peru New Years Eve

Mountaintop Magic: New Year’s Eve in Peru

In a one-room dwelling of a shepard’s compound, a mountaintop shaman offers a New Year's blessing and an unforgettable experience.

On the Trail of Tapestry: Ecuadorean Master Weaver

Go beyond the big market stalls to find the intricate designs of Otavalo’s renowned Jose Cotacachi.

Chile’s Hottest Hike: Climbing the Villarrica Volcano

An intrepid traveler braves the angry mountain to get a glimpse of the boiling caldera.
San Antonio de Areco

San Antonio de Areco: A Visit to Rural Argentina

Pub-crawling by bike, Argentinean style. Save room for homemade sausages, artisan cheeses and the best chocolate milk around.

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