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Reindeer sleigh rides in Finland are something you'll never forget. Flickr/Heather Sunderland

White Christmas: An Australian in Lapland

Christmas takes on new meaning when it’s spent behind a reindeer-drawn sleigh in Finnish Lapland.

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Covering international travel in more than 90 countries

Traveling in the Orkney Islands

Scotland’s Orkney Isles, Land Pawned for a Dowry

Just 20 miles off the northeastern coast of Scotland, Orkney is an archipelago of 70 islands best-known for their Neolithic sites, tall sandstone cliffs and seal colonies. In Visiting the Orkney Islands, part one in our series on these unique Scottish islands, learn more on what to see and do in Orkney.
8 Reasons to go glamping in the UK

8 Reasons to Go Glamping on Your Next Holiday

Glamping is growing in popularity all over the world, and it’s especially big in the UK. Here are eight reasons why you should try glamping in the British Isles this summer.
Hampton Court Palace. Photo by Janna Graber

A Yank in the Queen’s Court: Overnight in Hampton Court Palace

An overnight stay in this storied palace brings spine-tingling adventure.
Nellie Dean of Soho is a classic London pub. Flickr/Garry Knight

London’s Pub Scene: Nellie Dean of Soho

When a traveler stumbles upon the Nellie Dean, a classic corner pub in London's Soho, he enters as a stranger, but quickly finds himself among friends.
Hiking in the Highlands. Photo courtesy of VisitScotland

The Real Scotland: Traveling in the Highlands

Traveling in the Highlands reveals a different side of Scotland, with craggy rock-strewn mountains and towering cliffs that plunge to the sea below.

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