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Traveling in the mountain can sometimes cause high-altitude sickness

Avoiding Altitude Sickness: Your Travel Health

Learn how to travel in the high country without losing your breath or falling ill.
How to cope with traveler's diarrhea

Dealing with Montezuma

No matter what you call it, travelers dread this annoying malady. Here's how to deal with vacation spoiler.
The water has been shown to improve well being.

The Blue Lagoon: Iceland’s Healing Waters

Iceland’s famous geothermal pool draws travelers from around the globe
Drinking water safe while traveling?

Travel Health: Is the Water You’re Drinking Safe?

Quick and simple ways to ensure safe drinking water, even in the most remote locations.
Dangers of suntanning

Dangerous Rays: The Dark Side of Suntanning

Many people think a little sun on the cheeks looks healthy. But even a slight tan means damaged skin.

Accessible Health History: MedicalSummary.com

Ill in a foreign country? Doctors may not have your medical history, but this card could save you.

Babies on the Go: Travel-Wise Gear

Learn about the best children’s products to make traveling with children a breeze.
How to treat a snakebite

Travel Health: Treating Snakebites

It’s not what you may have heard: expert advice on how to treat and avoid snakebites.
Chinese Street Food

Culinary Courage: Chinese Street Food

Rock the rickshaw with hot pig’s knuckles and lamb skewered on recycled bicycle spokes.

An Amazon Souvenir: Travel in Peru

Playing host to an unwelcomed guest results in a painfully unforgettable vacation.

Avoiding Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

The summer sun can be pleasant — and dangerous. Here's how to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Traveling while pregnant

Comfortable Travel for Expectant Mothers

Here are some ways to stay comfortable when you have two (or more?) hitting the road.
How to Avoid Getting Malaria

How to Avoid Getting Malaria While Traveling

Malaria is found in numerous countries, and it's one of the traveler's most dreaded maladies.
Traveling with Medical Oxygen

Traveling with Medical Oxygen: Travel Health

If you're traveling with oxygen, you'll need to plan ahead.

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