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From soaking in the Blue Lagoon to the nightlife in Reykjavik, travel in Iceland is unforgettable. Here are our top travel articles and videos on the best travel experiences in Iceland.

The water has been shown to improve well being.

The Blue Lagoon: Iceland’s Healing Waters

Iceland’s famous geothermal pool draws travelers from around the globe

A Voyage to Iceland with the Vikings

Step into Iceland's past following the footsteps of Vikings.
Disney Cruise Line offers cruises in Norway and other destinations in Northern Europe in 2015. Photo by Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Heads to Norway

Disney Cruise Line sails to the Land of Disney's film "Frozen" in 2015.
Dog sledding in Iceland

Where Continents Meet: Iceland’s Natural Marvels

Lava flows, geysers and continental drift helped form dramatic landscapes on this remote Nordic island.
Travel in Iceland

Reach for the Skyr: The Tastes and Sights of Iceland

If you can’t stomach a local cuisine of fried sheep hearts, explore Iceland’s Viking museums and natural wonders.
Travel in Iceland

Exploring Iceland and Its Past

Erik the Red had the right idea when choosing Iceland as his new home long ago. Today, Iceland has the same appeal.
A group of hikers set out to tackle Sólheimajökull

Glacier Hiking in Iceland

With its mysterious mixture of volcanic ash and white and blue ice, Sólheimajökul Glacier was nothing like I had imagined. It was better.
Soaking in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Soaking Up the Sights in Iceland: Simmering in the Blue Lagoon

Savor a soak in the steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's top attraction.