A snake princess in the Flower Parade at Carnival in Nice, France. Flickr/rafael rybczynski

Guide to Carnival in Nice, France

Carnival in Nice, France is a huge event. The two-week season is filled with events and parades. Here's what to see and do at Carnival.
The small towns and back roads in Brittany, France, offer cultural and culinary delights around every corner. Photo by Rich Grant

Traveling Down the Backroads of Brittany

The wilds of Brittany are different from the rest of France. Brittany has its own language, music and culinary traditions. Explore its small towns and you’ll find flower-filled window boxes, charming homes and exquisite gardens.

5 Top Destinations to Visit in 2019

What destinations should you add to your bucket list this year? Here are five top destinations to visit in 2019. 
Sunrise on the first morning of our belated honeymoon in Corfu

A Couple in Corfu: Falling in Love (with Greece) Again

During a belated, off-season honeymoon in Corfu, a couple rediscovers their love of Greek food, Greek culture and each other.
Three exposures of Ghent. Photo by Flickr/Tom Roeleveld

The Low-Key Magic of Ghent, Belgium

It doesn't matter whether you spell it Ghent or Gent, this magical city has captivating architecture, culinary delights and live music.
Where is the best place to see the Northern Lights?

Where is the Best Place to See the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights have been fueling imaginations for millennia. Here are the best places in the world to see the incredible Northern Lights.
The Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf. Photo by Austrian Tourist Office.

The Story of Silent Night: Christmas in Austria

In the land that inspired "Silent Night," Christmas is still a time of magic and wonder. From the villages of Lake Wolfgangsee to Salzburg and Oberndorf, here's how to celebrate Christmas in Austria.
Walking through the Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn und Taxis Palace. Photo by Benjamin Rader

Germany: Christmas Along the Danube

German Christmas markets are unique. Experience Christmas in six German towns along the Danube and visit some of the best Christmas markets in Germany.
What to See and Do in Copenhagen in the Winter

Copenhagen in the Winter: What to See & Do When It’s...

From Christmas markets and palaces to world-class museums and top restaurants, here's what to see and do in Copenhagen in the winter.
Nutcracker from the Erzgebirge mountains at the Christmas market. Photo by GNTO

German Christmas Market Traditions

You don’t have to be German to love traditional German Christmas Markets. In fact, many visitors travel to Germany just for the Christmas markets alone.
Reindeer sleigh rides in Finland are something you'll never forget. Flickr/Heather Sunderland

White Christmas: An Australian in Lapland

Christmas takes on new meaning when it’s spent behind a reindeer-drawn sleigh in Finnish Lapland.
Winter in Poland - The Tatra Mountains

A Visit to the Tatra Mountains: Poland’s “Winter Capital” of Zakopane

Politics and backgrounds may try to divide us, but while traveling in Poland, a visitor finds that regular people, put face to face, can enjoy common ground.
Traveling in the Orkney Islands

Scotland’s Orkney Isles, Land Pawned for a Dowry

Just 20 miles off the northeastern coast of Scotland, Orkney is an archipelago of 70 islands best-known for their Neolithic sites, tall sandstone cliffs and seal colonies. In Visiting the Orkney Islands, part one in our series on these unique Scottish islands, learn more on what to see and do in Orkney.
Charter a sailboat to visit these top islands in Croatia

7 Secret Sailing Spots to Discover with a Yacht Charter in...

Croatia's beautiful coast is lined with more than 1,200 islands. Charter a yacht, sailboat or catamaran to visit these seven secret sailing spots in Croatia.