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From eating mystery meat in China to meeting a new friend, Go World Travel readers share their adventures.
A lovely alpine village in Switzerland's Praettigau Valley

Traveling Off the Beaten Path in Switzerland

We had expected beautiful alpine villages in Switzerland, but also found a land rich with cultural diversity.
Désalpe is a beloved festival tradition in Switzerland. Photo by La Gruyere Tourism

More than Swiss Cheese: Travel in La Gruyère, Switzerland

For centuries, the Gruyère region of Switzerland has been honing its craft -- and feeding it to the world.

Photo of the Week: La Gruyère, Switzerland

Climbers create a magical string of lights in this unusual event in the Swiss Alps.

Lost Time at the Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel

In the tiny Swiss village of Interlaken is a hotel where luxury and service take first place, yet time seems to be forgotten.