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Morocco is located in North Africa and has coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It gained independence from France in 1956, and is home to Arabs and Imazighen. Travel in Morocco is invigorating and filled with the amazing colors, smells and sounds of Islamic Africa. Top destinations include Casablanca, home to the huge Hassan II mosque, and Agadir, which is well-known for its beaches.

Colorful rugs and pillows inside the Moroccan Hammam

Oiled and Boiled: Visit to a Moroccan Hammam

When visiting a Moroccan spa or public bath, be sure to leave your insecurities behind.
Travel in Morocco

Morocco: Deep in the Heart of Kasbah Land

Tucked away in northwestern Africa, this Arabic Kingdom is rich with culture, impressive landscape and colorful kasbahs.
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Arabian Nights in Tangier

An end-of-the-world feeling in an Arabian Nights setting.