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Middle East

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Why Lebanon Should Be On Your Bucket List‬‬

A native of Lebanon shares what she loves about her home country -- and what you might enjoy too! Here are 11 things to do, see and experience in Lebanon

Israel: Adventures on the Dead Sea

Travel near the Dead Sea in Israel means hiking in Wadi Arugot, exploring Masada and floating in the famous Dead Sea.
Dubai was awarded the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world, according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

Dubai Awarded 4th Most Popular Tourist Destination

Dubai was awarded the fourth most popular travel destination in the world, according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.
Advat National Park. Photo by Janna Graber

A Beginner’s Guide to Israel: Top 10 Things to See and...

Here's our list of the best things to see and do in the Holy Land.
The aqueduct now serves different purposes.

Caesarea: From Gladiators to Rock Fests on the Israeli Coast

Once used by gladiators, the Caesarea amphitheater now hosts some of the world's top bands.

Guide to Eating Street Food in Israel

Street food kiosks are everywhere in Israel. Here's our guide to the best street foods.
Diving in Egypt

Diving in Egypt

Coral Beach Diving Hotel is set to reach new depths.
Christmas in Dubai

Deck the Malls: Christmas in Dubai

Christmas shopping takes on a whole new flavor at the ultra-modern Wafi City Mall in Dubai.
Market in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo: Friday Market in the City of the Dead

Ever gone shopping in a cemetary? Cairo's Friday Market brings a whole new meaning to bargain hunting.
Climbing Mount Sinai

Climbing Mount Sinai

Getting lost on Mt. Sinai leads to a front row seat for one of nature's amazing displays.

Home Sweet Yemen: Travel in Yemen

Scratch beneath the daunting surface and you'll find that “Lucky Arabia” is a rewarding destination.
The Books@Cafe - the perfect place to enjoy a coffee in Amman.

Jordan: Exploring Amman in a Day

Most travelers to Jordan head straight to Petra, but don't miss spending a day in the capital city.

Castles in the Desert: Jordan’s Ancient Citadels

Across Jordan’s vast desert rise mini-fortresses, magnificent palaces that provided escape for rulers long ago.

Iraq Reflections: Thoughts of the Past by a Native Daughter

An Iraqi-born writer bemoans the harsh realities of today's Iraq, a land once known as Mesopotamia.

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