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China is located in Eastern Asia and is the second largest country in the world by land area. China’s landscape varies from the hills and low mountain ranges in the southern region to the broad grasslands in the north. Travel in China includes some of the world’s greatest known landmarks such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Beijing, the capital city, and Hong Kong, known for its expansive skyline, are some of China’s top destinations.


Video: Around Hong Kong in 7 Drinks

Hong Kong is a blend of east and west. That's evident in the city's nightlife -- and especially its drinks.

Video: 5 Hidden Places in Hong Kong

In a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, it’s hard to keep up with what’s new. Here are five hidden gems.
In Yunnan, the rice terraces are practical and beautiful. Photo by FLICKR/The rice terraces in Yunnan catch the light. Photo by FLICKR/ Hoang Giang Hai

Exploring Yunnan: A Different Side of China

Though often overlooked, visitors to Yunnan experience a different side of China.
Hot air balloon ride in China

Adrift Over China: Sights From a Hot Air Balloon

Experience Yangshuo, in China’s southern province of Guangxi, from a unique vantage point – just don’t forget to look down!

Wall Space: China’s Great Wall Without the Crowds

Can you keep a secret? Learn where the crowds are, and are not, all along the Great Wall of China.
Hiking in Hong Kong. Flickr/Andreas

Peak Experiences: Hiking in Hong Kong

A writer joins a group of local Hong Kong hikers, taking in spectacular views and making new friends in the process.
Travel in Hong Kong

Travel in Hong Kong: Meet the People

Hong Kong residents offer an inside look at their hometown.
Travel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Calm Amid the Hustle

The name means “ Fragrant Harbour,” and it probably derives from the scents of flowers that once adorned the hills. Today, there’s lots of traffic.
Travel Tales

Go World Travel Readers’ Tales

From eating mystery meat in China to meeting a new friend, Go World Travel readers share their adventures.
Yao Ming spends a lot of time on the road with the team.

Keeping Up with Yao Ming: China’s Popular Basketball Star

Basketball great Yao Ming brings cultures together with his easy-going manner and his gift with the ball.
Train Travel

Accidental Travel in China

Unexpected travel often leads to unforgettable memories, especially when language is an obstacle.
Running in Hong Kong

Running Away from it All: Places to Race

Races across the globe offer the visitor a chance to meet locals and see the sights in a way few ever do.
At 86, travel writer Habeeb was determined to see China's Huangshan Mountain. He just took an usual way down.

I Climbed Huangshan Mountain Like the Emperors of Old

At 86, Habeeb Salloum was determined to see China's Huangshan Mountain. He just took an unusual way down.
Teaching English in China

Finding My Own Path:Teaching English in China

How I learned to stop listening to everyone else and follow my heart.

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