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From Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand has a wealth of top destinations for travelers. Here are some of our favorite travel articles on traveling in Thailand.

Back to Basics: The Floating Bungalows of Baan Krachang

Let the quiet sound of water lapping against the planks of the floating bungalow floor sing you to sleep at this Thai eco-resort.
Travel in Bangkok

Water World: Bangkok by Boat

Leave behind cluttered streets to explore canal communities. On the way, pick up keychain souvenirs or a cold beer.
Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

A Time for Healing: Thailand’s Elephant Sanctuary

Many of Thailand’s former working elephants face poor living conditions; a big-hearted young woman has created a sanctuary for these noble beasts.
Volunteer Vacations in Thailand

The Hokey Pokey: Volunteering in Thailand

An unwitting teacher uses song and dance to make international connections.
A quiet walk on the beaches of Ko Lanta. Photo by Ling Xin Sia

Ko Lanta: For Lovers, Families and Travelers

Far from the tourist crowds, this little Thai island has everything a beach vacation needs.

Finding Thai Tranquility in Phuket, Thailand

Beautiful Phuket has more to offer than its reputation as a party town. Check out these quiet beaches.
Thailand babysitting

My Day as a Booster Chair: Babysitting in a Thai...

Will Kern meant to volunteer his time painting, but then a staff woman led him to a room full of babies....
Phang Nga Bay has amazing views from shore or boat.

Phuket to Philippines: Adventure on the High Seas

A quest for excitement amidst the waves leads to an adrenaline rush like no other and a night to remember!
The celebration winds to a close.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Lose your inhibitions and experience an unforgettable night at Thailand’s famous Full Moon Party.

Thai Tranquility: Northern Hill Tribe Country

Northern Thailand is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. This lush countryside is home to six unique Hill Tribes, each with their own customs and culture.
Surfing at Bondi Beach in Australia. Photo by Tourism Australia.

My Top 10 Destinations

Every "top 10" list reflects the unique experiences of its writer. Here is my own biased destinations list.
Trang Islands

Andaman Adventure: Thailand’s Southern Coast for $25/Day

Thailand’s Andaman Coast stretches from Myanmar to Malaysia, offering some 1,000 miles to explore.

Ruins Don’t Sing: Ayuthaya, Thailand

A trip through Thailand's ancient island-city of Ayuthaya.

Crossing the Street in Bangkok

Thailand's lively capital boasts incredible temples, delicious food and stressful traffic.