Sailing Adventure: Windjammer Cruise in Maine

Cruising in Maine is a unique experience. Instead of massive cruise ships, a small fleet of historic wooden tall ships plies these waters.


Sailing Adventure: Windjammer Cruise in Maine        

“Raise the mainsail!” Captain John Foss calls, and we eagerly move into place. It’s our first day of sailing on our windjammer cruise, and we can’t wait to get going.

There are 21 of us aboard the American Eagle Schooner this week. Half of us line the starboard side, while the others move to the port side. Following the crew’s calls, we grab and pull the rope in rhythm.

The 2,000-square-foot sail is heavy, and it takes all our efforts to raise it almost 70 feet. After it’s in place, the crew raises the foresail, hauls up the anchor and raises the headsails.

With a snap, the wind catches our sails, and we’re off, completely powered by Mother Nature. The sight of a tall ship bending with the wind is majestic and strangely moving. Ben and I sit down on the gleaming wood deck with the others, watching the sight with wonder.

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