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Russia stretches across Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, but the majority of the population is located on the European side. Russia is known for its broad plains and can be very cold, however, during warm summer days, many enjoy swimming in the country's many lakes, rivers and seas. Many tourists travel to Russia to experience its rich culture and view its unique architecture. Moscow, the capital city, and St Petersburg, home to the Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, are top destinations in Russia.

A spectacular sight at Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, Siberia: Railway Journey to the World’s Deepest Lake

Travel in Siberia leads to adventure, especially when you don't speak Russian.
St. Basil's Cathedral, immediately recognizable and breathtaking, stands at the far edge of the Red Square in Moscow.

Grandfather Frost: New Year’s Eve in Moscow

In Russia, New Year's Eve means good food, a walk on Red Square and presents from Grandfather Frost.
Travel in Siberia, Russia

Enigmatic Emissary: The Siberian Woodsman

Rugged outdoorsman and absolute flirt, this backcountry ranger understands that tourism could be the answer to area problems.
Cabin Comrades

Cabin Comrades on the Trans-Siberian

A shared cabin leads to unexpected friendships.
Travel in Russia

Irkutsk Russia: How to Survive a Russian Bachelor’s Party with Your...

Vodka and good friends amount to a lesson in Russian tradition and an unforgettable party.

Searching for Snow Leopards: A Russian Conservation Project

A team of conservationists search for the elusive snow leopard in the rugged Altai region of Russia’s southeast.
St. Petersburg

Revolutionary Sights: Chasing Ghosts in St. Petersburg

A dramatic past makes this Russian city the perfect setting for a self-guided ghost tour.

High on the Amur: Travel in Russia

In a far corner of Asia, east of Siberia and across from Manchuria, there is a party going on along the river.

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