From Zimbabwe to Tanzania to South Africa, here are the best travel articles and videos on travel in Africa from Go World Travel Magazine.

The crystal blue waters in Zanzibar. Photo by Cece Wildeman

How I Lied My Way Into Diving the Indian Ocean

Diving in Zanzibar. It was right there before me. When would I get another chance to dive in the Indian Ocean?

Zambian Safari: Paddling the Zambezi

Crocodiles are everywhere, but also beware the hippos in this river, the fourth longest in Africa.

Humor: The Haberdasher of Hurghada

A visitor to an Egyptian beach resort finds more than she bargained for when she visits a T-shirt shop.
Two woman adorned in beautiful beaded chokers. Photo by James Michael Dorsey

Beads of Time: The Role of Beads in Africa

In Africa, beads are not only a symbol of beauty, they have a religious and social role in the culture.
Travel in Tangiers

Arabian Nights in Tangier

An end-of-the-world feeling in an Arabian Nights setting.
Running in Hong Kong

Running Away from it All: Places to Race

Races across the globe offer the visitor a chance to meet locals and see the sights in a way few ever do.

Exotic Zimbabwe: Canoe Safari in Mana Pools National Park

Zebras, eagles, crocodiles and elephants — African animals line the banks on this exciting canoe trip.
Diving in Mozambique

Mozambique’s Tofo Coast: Dive In

Stretch of ocean here is a marine Utopia - at least for now.
Author and actor Andrew McCarthy in Costa Rica

The Longest Way Home: Interview with Andrew McCarthy

Go World catches up with actor Andrew McCarthy to discuss his new book, "The Longest Way Home."

Dreaming of Africa

Africa is wild at heart, yet that heart is incredibly big. Perhaps the most important rule to be followed here is one I learned in Mamili National Park from Ranger Joe: “Enjoy your stay!”
Working aboard a cargo ship

Cargo Ship Cruising: Working Passage from Cape Town to Rotterdam

Travelers trade work for their passage on the open sea.

While Zimbabwe Waits

In a nation gripped by AIDS, corruption and food shortages, survival often comes down to standing in line.