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Travel in ThailandWhat images does Christmas bring to mind? You probably think about Christmas trees, snow, eggnog, and a red-clad Santa Clause. I doubt that you think about Thailand, a predominantly Buddhist country that would only laugh at the prospect of snow.

If you’re a traditionalist who cannot bear the thought of spending Christmas without the winter and rampant consumerism, Thailand is certainly not the place for you. But people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the commercialized idea of what Christmas is supposed to be. For many, it has become a period of intense stress and expectations, which is more likely to cause family fighting than to bring people together.

Maybe it’s time to consider travel during the holidays – and Thailand is a perfect travel option. Flights are relatively cheap. Traveling from one island to another is easy, but you can just as happily stay put in one city or town.

Here are 3 reasons that Christmas in Thailand is ideal.

  1. You can relax

No country is free from the consumerism that sneaks in around Christmas. We are conditioned to see the holiday as a time to buy expensive gifts and eat until we can eat no more. However, in Thailand, that effect is largely dulled by the reality of the place itself. Because Christmas in Thailand is not really a national religious holiday, it is not going to be everywhere you look. In fact, you could mostly avoid it if you wanted to.

Shopping for Christmas gifts is a different experience in Thailand. Everything is cheaper, which is a massive plus. And you’re not fighting hoards of people to get what you want. Also, without the constant reminders that Christmas is about giving, you won’t feel as much pressure to find the perfect gifts to assuage everyone.

  1. The weather is perfect

December is the perfect time to visit Thailand in terms of the weather. It is hot, but not as hot as other periods of the year. You will also not have too much trouble with rain. In other words, it is ideal for relaxing by the beach, with no cares in the world.

The idea of a white Christmas has crept its way into the collective consciousness of Westerners in the Northern Hemisphere. But in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas always happens in the summer, and that is one of its hallmarks. You’ll love this novel experience of a Christmas away from freezing temperatures.

  1. The cultural experience

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, experiencing Christmas as it is observed by a totally different culture will give you a whole new perspective. All of the attachments we consider a normal part of Christmas begin to seem more than a little suspicious. Do we really need a bearded man dressed in red to dictate our Christmas experience? Does eating turkey have anything to do with the holiday?

Rather than stick to the same old tropes, we get to see how Christmas can be something much more real. We can celebrate it as a holiday, rather than a time of heightened expectations.

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