Sleepin' Around: A Hotel and Travel Blog

Claudia Carbone

An award-winning journalist for 32 years, Claudia Carbone is a native of Denver, Colorado where she still lives. Throughout her world travels, she’s come to realize that the places you sleep at night can be just as memorable as places you visit during the day. She’s slept in a yurt in the Rocky Mountains, a train on the way to Venice and an ice hotel in Quebec. In "Sleepin' Around - A Hotel and Travel Blog" she reviews hotels, inns, lodges, resorts, ships and things to do nearby.
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Luxury Travel With Freddy Sherman

Freddy Sherman

Travel writer and videographer Freddy "Luxury Fred" Sherman travels the world writing about luxury travel. He started his career as a music business executive who found a natural love for and ability to share his travel experiences with others. Whether it's playing golf with Tiger Woods in Turkey, performing with the band Yes at Rock Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas or hoisting a pint at the House of Lords bar deep within the Palace of Westminster, Freddy brings his readers along, enhanced by his unique perspective.
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Why Travel Matters

Janna Graber

Janna Graber is an award-winning American travel journalist and current editor of Go World Travel. Since moving to Austria at age 19 for college, she's been in love with world travel, and has covered destinations around the globe for more than 40 newspapers, magazines and websites. She's the author of three travel anthology books.
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The Occasional Traveler

Debbie Miller Pond

Debbie Miller Pond is a freelance travel writer for Go World Travel Magazine, a digital publication covering travel in more than 90 countries. A Registered Nurse, Debbie writes frequently on travel health, as well as travel in North America.
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Borneo from Below

Aaron Gekoski

Aaron (aka Bertie) Gekoski is a photographer, journalist, presenter, adventurer, travel writer and film-maker. He's the host of Borneo from Below, produced by Scubazoo, one of the world’s leading underwater production companies. His work has been instrumental in bringing important issues on the natural world to a wider public.
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Through My Lens

Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob Laukaitis is a digital nomad who has already been to more than 30 countries in the past two years. He captures his travels in video and words.
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