17 Amazing Photos: An Inside Look at Petra and Little Petra


1Inside Petra & Little Petra

A camel walks in front of a mesmerizing facade. Photo by Christine Loomis

The once lost city of Petra, hidden in a deep, canyon in southwest Jordan, is an archaeological site rivaling any in the world for its grandness, artistry and compelling history dating back to 400 BC. At one time, 20,000 people lived in Petra, known as the Rose City for its pastel rock walls. Although many civilizations have been part of Petra’s history, it was ancient Nabataeans who created the mesmerizing facades seen across the canyon today. Exploring Petra—the most popular attraction in Jordan—requires walking long distances in desert heat. The route past the city’s main sites is approximately six miles from start to finish, and back again. Go early in the morning to avoid the high heat of the day and take water. Visit Little Petra, too, the nearby more compact site that serves as a good entry point to understanding Petra’s history and carvings.