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Colorado Travel Guide

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Travel in Colorado often means time spent outdoors. Known for diverse landscapes, including breathtaking mountain views and bustling city life, Colorado has certainly lived up to its “Colorful Colorado” nickname. With nearly 5.6 million residents, this fast-growing state has become a Mecca for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. Visitors can explore 41 state parks, as well as four national parks — Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison, ranging from ancient ruins to wide valleys to 14,000-foot peaks. Denver, the capital city, is where you’ll find hip brewpubs, a historic train station and Empower Field at Mile High stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. Whether you are looking for nature to disconnect from technology, or seeking a taste of Colorado’s urban side, Colorado is well worth the trip.

Where is Colorado?

Colorado is situated in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA.


Getting Around Colorado

The main airport is Denver International Airport. Unless you’re staying in Denver or in one location, we recommend renting a car to get around in Colorado. Other transportation includes light rail services, the Amtrak train, and shuttles and buses in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and other locations. Uber and Lyft, smartphone apps that act as taxi cabs, are also a popular means of transportation.


The predominant language spoken across Colorado is English. According to, the second most-used household language is Spanish at 11.9 percent.


U.S. dollar. Currency exchanges are located throughout Colorado; however, the best place for exchange is Denver International Airport.

When is the Best Time to Visit Colorado?

Colorado is a year-round destination, although spring in the mountains can mean run-off and what locals call “the mud season.” Many visit Colorado for its world-renowned skiing, which is typically from mid-November through late April, as well as other winter sports. The fall season, late-September through November, is also a prime time to witness the changing color of aspen leaves and other trees that become a blend of oranges, reds and yellows. Summertime in Colorado is beautiful, with dry, warm sunny days.

What to Pack When Visiting Colorado?

The motto with dressing for Colorado is to pack layers. The weather is usually dry, with frequent blue skies. But the weather can change quickly. During the warm season, shorts, comfortable hiking shoes and short sleeves will be perfect for the average temperature of 77 degrees. The wintertime is a different story; winter jackets, long pants and snow boots will be necessary anywhere you are in Colorado. Sunscreen and hats are a must in any season because Colorado has about 300 days of sunshine every year.

Colorado mountain towns are beautiful in summer.

Top 10 Things to Do in Colorado