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Nature is the best place to truly unplug from daily stresses, find inner peace and reconnect with your loved ones. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized, and for many people, this means spending more time commuting than in nature.

But there is a silver lining to our increasingly digital lives: Technology has made it easier than ever before to find remote getaways with just a few clicks.

Whether you’re looking for an escape that’s easy on the wallet or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, these mountain getaways are perfect for unplugging and reconnecting with nature.

Yosemite National Park. Photo by Pablo Fierro
Yosemite National Park. Photo by Pablo Fierro

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a mecca for lovers of the outdoors. The park is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, including the world-famous Yosemite Falls. The park is also one of the best places in the country for rock climbing.

Visitors can experience the park’s wilderness and explore its many natural wonders in several ways. Hikers can enjoy spectacular views while trekking to Yosemite Falls or explore lesser-known trails like the Valley Loop Trail.

For those who want to experience nature from the comfort of their car, a drive along Tioga Road is a must. The road winds through the park’s high country, offering spectacular views.

Wherever you go, be sure to get out of the car and take a hike, a walk, or a picnic in the park’s many meadows and forests. You’ll reconnect with nature and find your inner peace in no time.

Telluride, Colorado. Photo by Chad Madden
Telluride, Colorado. Photo by Chad Madden

Telluride, Colorado

Colorado’s iconic mountain town is a popular ski resort in the winter and a great mountain getaway in the summer. Located in the San Juan Mountains, the town of Telluride is surrounded by towering peaks, lush forests, and alpine meadows.

The area is home to several excellent hiking trails, including the Colorado Trail and Bear Creek Trail. The former is a popular trail for both day hikers and multi-day backpackers, while the latter is best suited for day hikers.

Telluride is also home to an excellent museum, which features replicas of buildings from Colorado’s mining towns. For something a little less outdoorsy, a trip to the excellent Cinematheque for a classic movie screening is a great way to wind down and unplug from the digital world.

Mount Rainier. Photo by Peter Thomas
Mount Rainier. Photo by Peter Thomas

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is a great place for outdoor lovers, offering something for everyone. Hikers can enjoy excellent views of the park’s landscape and wildlife from the Paradise, Spray Park, and Grove of the Patriarchs trails.

For a more challenging hike, try the Carbon River Trail, which offers a view of the park’s famous Carbon Glacier. Those who aren’t as active can enjoy a scenic drive along the park’s many winding roads.

The park’s forested mountains, sparkling waterfalls, and wildflower meadows are a photographer’s dream come true. If you’re looking for an even more surreal experience, a visit to the Paradise Inn’s viewing deck is a must.

You’ll get an unforgettable view of the park’s many glaciers and catch a glimpse of the iconic peak of Mount Rainier.

Cooper Mountain, Oregon

Located west of Portland, Cooper Mountain is an excellent place for anyone who loves hiking but doesn’t want to deal with crowded trails or expensive hotels. The mountain is known for its numerous waterfalls and is a popular destination for photographers.

The area is also home to several excellent wineries. Once you are done hiking for the day sit back and relax and enjoy some of the best food and wine this region has to offer.

Colorado Mountains. Photo by Holly Mandarich
Colorado Mountains. Photo by Holly Mandarich

Vail, Colorado

Vail is a mountain town that’s rich in history and nature. The town is a great place for anyone who loves the outdoors and the mountain town atmosphere. Vail is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in all directions and offers easy access to great hiking trails.

Some of the area’s best hikes include Pitkin Trailhead, which leads to a beautiful waterfall, and the nearby North Trail.

For something a little less active, a walk or drive through the downtown area is a must. It has a European feel and is a great place to shop for antiques, walk through beautifully landscaped gardens and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Big Bear Lake, California. Photo by Jeremy Bishop
Big Bear Lake, California. Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Big Bear, Southern California

In addition to being a great place to unplug and reconnect with nature, Big Bear is also a great place for water sports and other adventure activities. The nearby lakes and creeks are popular spots for boating and canoeing.

The area is also a great place for other water sports like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. For those who prefer to stay dry, a visit to Big Bear Discovery Center is a must. The museum is home to many interactive exhibits about the local environment and is a great place to learn about native wildlife and plants.

No visit to Big Bear is complete without a hike through the area’s beautiful mountain trails.

Some of the best trails include the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, and the nearby Bear Mountain Trail, which takes hikers to the top of a nearby peak.

You can also take a walk through the historic Big Bear Lake area or spend a day at one of the area’s nearby lakes and creeks.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a great place to get away from it all, whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with friends or a family vacation with the kids. The park offers excellent hiking trails, many of which lead to breathtaking vistas.

The most popular trails include the Beehive trail, which offers stunning views of the water; and the Gorge trail, which is a great place for a short hike with beautiful views. For a more challenging hike, the Precipice trail, which is famous for its sheer drop-offs, is a must.

Acadia National Park is also a great place for wildlife viewing. You can spot whales, birds, deer, and other animals from the park’s many scenic overlooks and hiking trails.

For those who want to experience Acadia National Park but don’t want to rough it, the nearby town of Bar Harbor offers a wide range of activities, including boat tours, whale watching, shopping, and dining. You can easily find a vacation that is relaxing and adventurous or a combination of both.

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