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From Rome to Florence to Venice, Italy is a European destination filled with unforgettable vacation experiences. Here are some of our favorite travel articles and travel blogs on Italy.

Travel in Bra, Italy: Caffe Converso

Italy's food tradition is savored at this tiny Italian cafe.
Travel in Venice, Italy

Charmed by Venice: Travel in Italy

You can't help but fall under the spell of this beloved Italian city. Here's what to see and do in Venice.
What to do and see in Torino Italy

Italy: Torino Stole My Heart

Torino, Italy is full of surprises. For the traveler, it's well-worth the visit.

Shopping Etiquette in Italy

Here's what you need to know if you plan on shopping in Italy.
Farm Umbria, Italy

Farm Hopping in Umbria, Italy

Good food and entertaining company bring the Italian countryside to life.
A view above Sicily. Photo by Flickr/Scott Wylie

Kissed by the Sun: Travel in Sicily

In Sicily, you'll find sun, sea, blue sky, good food and amazing landscape -- all at an affordable price.
Italy Inside the Caffe Greco by Dan Morey

Grappa at the Greco

An author recalls a trip to Rome with his mother involving long dead poets and a moment of resolution at Caffé Greco, the second oldest bar in Italy.

Cooking Vacations in Italy: Campania Cooking School

In Italy, you can learn treasured cooking traditions right from the source.

Hotel La Ninfa: A Hidden Gem on the Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the coastal views of the gorgeous Amalfi waters while staying in this little-known Italian secret.

Elephant Sighting in the Grotto: Visit to a Tuscan Spa

Americans hold hard to their puritanical roots, making Tuscan spas an unusual experience.
Travel in Trentino

Trentino: Italy’s Quieter Corner

Look to Italy’s far northeast corner for vineyards, castles, charming alpine villages and a little bit of German culture.
Tuscany Scooters

Italy by Vespa: Tuscany Adventure

Viewing Italy by Vespa offers a bit of adventure and an insider’s glimpse of Tuscan cuisine and culture.
A vineyard in Piedmont. Photo by Victor Block

Cheese, Truffles, History and Wine in Piedmont, Italy

In Piedmont, Italy, you can learn about the unusual profession of cheese hunting. Best of all, you get to sample this yummy part of Italian cuisine.

No More Baloney in Parma, Italy

Emilia Romagna produces some worldp-reknowned dishes, including Parmesan cheese and Prosciutto ham.