Travel Writing Humor

Travel writing humor
Does this feel like truth to you? Me too!

When a travel writing friend posted this image on her Facebook page, I got a good laugh. We travel writers can have an offbeat sense of humor, and this was just more proof of that.

Then I looked at the image again and realized that each small pane represents a kernel of truth.

The life of a travel writer is many things. Sometimes, it is traveling in luxury, visiting places that many people only dream of. Other times, it means staring at a very modest paycheck, wondering how you’re going to make next month’s rent.

Sometimes, travel writing brings intellectual satisfaction, when you can create a piece that is a truly a work of beauty. At other times, though, it means listing the top 10 places to eat Mexican food and writing a hotel listing for a guidebook.

There are times when travel writing can be frustrating, when you stare at the computer screen and wonder where on earth to start. Then, the words start to flow again, and your fingers fly across the keyboard.

Like any profession, travel writing has its ups and downs. Yet for me, it’s incredibly satisfying. I’d trade the amazing experiences I’ve had for a big paycheck any day. After all, there are many ways besides money to have a very rich life.


Janna Graber is a travel journalist and editor at Go World Travel Magazine. She has covered travel stories in more than 42 countries.