3 Tips for Aspiring Travel Writers

Polar Bear Viewing in Manitoba by travel writer Sharon Spence Lieb. Photo by Travel Manitoba
Polar Bear Viewing in Manitoba by Sharon Spence Lieb. Photo by Travel Manitoba

These days, it’s hard to keep up with travel writer Sharon Spence Lieb. During the past 20 years as a travel journalist and guidebook author, she’s been known to swim with whale sharks and friendly jellyfish, kayak with killer whales, and head into the frozen tundra in search of polar bears. Her writing has garnered awards from the Society of American Travel Writers and North American Travel Journalists.

We caught up with Sharon long enough to ask for her three top pieces of advice for new travel writers:

Three Travel Writing Tips

1. Write about your passions.

It’s easiest to write about something you love. Do you really enjoy good food? Write restaurant reviews, chef profiles and stories with recipes. Love adventure? Write stories about polar bears, whale sharks and jaguars…whatever interests you. Your passion will fuel your articles.

2. Be kind to everyone you meet

Throughout your travels, you will encounter many different people. Be kind and helpful to everyone — other writers, photographers, publicists, and hotel/restaurant/resort executives. You are building a lifetime Rolodex and everyone you meet will refer you onward to other contacts. We are all connected, so be a loving human being and that will come back to you.

3. Publish in many platforms.

Travel writing has changed. These days, you need to publish in print-newspapers and magazines–as well as online. You’ll also need your very own blog or website. Multi-platform publishing is a must.

Read some of Sharon’s work:

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Polar Bear Viewing in Manitoba

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