Travel writer Linda Duval has written about travel in New Zealand
Travel writer Linda Duval has written about travel in New Zealand
Travel writer Linda Duval has written about travel in New Zealand

Interview with a Travel Writer

Linda DuVul was an editor at the Colorado Springs Gazette for 32 years. During the last 20 years, she served as the travel editor. She took an early retirement in 2004 to do freelance travel writing, and has written for many newspapers, magazines and websites.

She is a winner of several Lowell Thomas awards for travel writing and editing, and the co-author “Insider’s Guide to Colorado Springs” for Globe Pequot Press. Linda often travels with her husband, Rick, who is a skilled photographer.

TWOL: How did you become a travel writer? 

LD: In 1980, when I was working as a features writer and magazine editor for The Gazette in Colorado Springs, I visited the Grand Canyon on vacation with my husband and two little boys. I was so struck by its beauty and our experience there, I wrote a travel story for the newspaper with my boss’ blessing. That got me started! I was hooked.

What you Should know about Travel Writing

TWOL: What is one thing that others should know about the field of travel writing?

LD: It’s a tough business to get into. Everyone wants to do it and thinks they can do it, but it’s a lot harder than most aspiring writers think it is.

TWOL: What is your favorite thing about being a travel writer?

LD: I love experiencing new places, seeing new things, meeting new people – and translating that experience (warts and all) for the reader. I love to tell a story and almost every place has a story to tell.

TWOL: What is the hardest thing about being a travel writer?

LD: The hardest thing is trying to do it all and see it all in a short period of time. Most travel writers don’t have the luxury of spending a week or two at a given destination. You put in long hours, juggling interviews and tours and photo possibilities, into a few days, in many cases.

Travel Writers Favorite Destinations

TWOL: What are your two favorite destinations?

LD: It would be impossible to pick two favorites. I can pick a FEW favorites. I never get tired of writing about Colorado, after more than 30 years – an incredible place with great history and a variety of things to see and do. I love the Inside Passage of Alaska –such an abundance of experiences and scenery. My favorite place to go on personal vacation is Ojo Caliente Hot Springs in northern New Mexico. Americans are oblivious, but Europeans and Asians love it! I guess my all-time favorite place so far is New  Zealand. We spent three weeks there and it wasn’t nearly enough. What a culturally rich, diversely scenic place. Wonderful people!

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