“A wise man travels to discover himself.” — James Russell Lowell

“A wise man travels to discover himself.” — James Russell LowellThere are some days when life just seems to spin too fast. There are deadlines to meet, children to attend to and errands to run. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to think!

Why Travel

That’s why I love traveling so much. It forces me to stop everything else and concentrate on what I’m doing and experiencing. My brain switches from reactive to proactive.

I think this is why we can describe the Parisian cafe we visited in great detail, but don’t notice things in our own hometown. Life’s daily demands can put blinders on our eyes, and we can miss the beauty around us.

Travel reminds us to stop and notice the world’s splendor and the wonder of Mother Nature. It forces us to look in awe at the world around us.

Of course, not all travel is wondrous. Travel can be stressful, and bad things can happen anywhere. I think, though, that the biggest change is in our attitude and approach. Travel offers the chance to slow down and savor the little things. And for most of us, that’s something precious.


Janna Graber is a travel journalist, editor and video producer. She is an editor at Go World Travel Magazine, a digital publication for world travelers.

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