Q&A with Sleepin’ Around Travel Blogger Claudia Carbone

Travel writer Claudia Carbone with Bonhomme, the ambassador of the Quebec City Winter Carniva
Travel writer Claudia Carbone with Bonhomme, the ambassador of the Quebec City Winter Carnival.

Claudia Carbone started her career as a ski columnist back in 1984, a perfect fit for a journalist living in Colorado. She went on to publish the award-winning WomenSki, which garnered her coverage on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News. She eventually expanded to covering ski resorts and ski destinations, and a whole new realm of travel writing opened up.

Interview with travel writer Claudia Carbone

TWOL: How did you get into travel writing?

CC: First, I was a ski writer, covering all aspects of skiing, such as equipment, instruction, and ski resorts. As I wrote more and more about resorts, it became more of a travel writing endeavor.

After joining the Society of American Travel Writers, I was given more opportunities to cover places other than ski resorts and I discovered it was fun – both visiting the places and writing about them.

TWOL: What is one thing that others should know about the field of travel writing?

CC: Writing is easy; getting an editor or publisher to buy your story is the hard part.

TWOL: What is your favorite thing about being a travel writer?

CC: The ability to travel for much less than I would otherwise. Some trips are completely comped (that’s nice!), others are offered at a media rate. Then, the insiders’ guiding one gets is invaluable. Hosts want to show and tell you everything about their place.

TWOL: What is the hardest thing about being a travel writer?

CC: Getting published! I know I’m a good writer; it’s the marketing of my work that is hard. Also, I never accept trips if I don’t have a placement for a story. Every host is now requiring that writers have a letter of assignment or guaranteed placement. That is getting harder and harder

TWOL: What are your two favorite destinations?

CC: Italy and Italy – endless opportunities for stories about food, lifestyle, history, architecture, skiing, wine, people, families, scenery, love! It’s my heritage.

TWOL: Anything else you’d like to share?

CC: Yes, Janna Graber at Go World Travel is one of the nicest editors I’ve ever worked with. Some can be really nasty! And. . .learn how to write for the Internet – that’s where most people look for travel articles.

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