The path to becoming a travel writer

The path to becoming a travel writerThe coming of a new year is always a time of reflection. The obvious passage of time makes me stop and consider the past year’s triumphs and struggles, and look ahead at the possibilities to come.

I saw a quote yesterday by country singer Brad Paisley that said, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

That’s how I look at each new year too — a fresh book just waiting to be written.

Work as a Travel Writer

In my work as a travel writer, I’m constantly scribbling notes and observations. Sometimes I keep notes on my phone; other times I write the old-fashioned way. I keep a fresh stack of pocket-sized blank diaries in my desk. They represent places I’ve yet to explore and people I’ve yet to meet. A worn and tattered diary, filled with notes and scribbles, is testament to a wonderful year.

While some may measure their wealth in large homes and fancy cars, I treasure the opportunity to travel. There’s nothing I like more than exploring a new destination with people I love — and I know there are many others who share that passion. Those of us who have chosen the profession of travel writing feel that passion at our very core.

Being a travel journalist may never bring fat checks or a cushy retirement, but it brings riches of different kind. If you share that love of travel, and count that among your goals this year, then I wish you safe travels and new horizons.

Author Bio: Janna Graber is a travel journalist, editor and video producer. She is the managing editor Go World Travel Magazine.

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