Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon
Arches National Park in Utah, USA.
Arches National Park in Utah, USA.

If you’ve never visited the U.S., you’re probably curious to know why so many people decide to visit America each year. From its natural wonders to its unique and sometimes surprising culture, here are nine reasons why you should get your American visa EVUS updated and start exploring this amazing country.

It’s a Melting Pot

We all know that the United States is home to many people from different backgrounds. Many who go to the U.S. decide to settle and have their own family, which makes the country home to people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Considering that these people also have their own unique upbringing, there is no single type of American. It is quite an extraordinary adventure for you to witness such a big country made up of people who have different and unique ways of living.

Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon
Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon

Unique History & Top Museums

This may sound like an exaggeration, but the U.S. has more than 36,000 museums. American museums offer a window into the country’s unique history, from museums in the Old West to war memorials, national museums, and top art galleries. Some provide you with insight into American history, while others explore current innovations that will have a major impact on America’s future. No matter what city you visit in the United States, there is a museum for everyone.

The Hidden Gems

As a tourist, you may be tempted to visit only America’s top cities, but there is a whole other America to discover, from the vast plains of the American Midwest to the forested country of the Northwest. America’s small towns and rural communities are worth checking out. Each American state has its own unique culture and way of life, and if you listen, you’ll hear many different accents throughout America. Take time to visit the communities along the Rocky Mountains or unique towns like New Orleans or Portland and you’ll see for yourself. You’ll find many hidden gems and travel experiences to remember.

Yellowstone National Park is located in parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
Yellowstone National Park is located in parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

The Delicious Cuisine

With so many people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds living in the United States, there is no doubt that the food is diverse. Besides traditional American dishes, there is a wide range of restaurants that offer traditional food from other countries, often with its own unique twist. For example, Mexican cuisine in the U.S. may not be prepared the same way as what you will find in Mexico, but it’s still authentic and delicious. The same goes for Italian pasta. It might not be as authentic as what is available in Italy, but it is still excellent and flavorful. Whatever you feel like eating, you’ll find it in most American towns and cities.

The Scenic Views

Forget about the deep valleys and long ridges available in Africa. When it comes to landscapes, the U.S. also has too much to offer. America is a huge country and boasts a wide variety of different landscapes, from the Everglades of Florida to the mountains of Colorado to cactus covered lands of Arizona to the open farmland of Kansas. The USA has 58 national parks. Take time to explore some of them. No matter where you travel within the United States, there is no doubt that you will be captivated by Mother Nature and capture that perfect selfie with friends.

Experience a New Way of Life

Take time to talk with Americans and explore their way of life. As a visitor who must return home when your visa expires, you might not have the same experience as living in the US, but you’ll still get a sample of this vast last. You’ll get to see the way things are done in the US, and get a true feeling of what it’s like in one of the world’s top destinations. Considering that the U.S. is home to people from different backgrounds, you’ll probably get to sample many cultures.

Thriving Tourism

Most Americans love having tourists visit their country, and tourism is a huge part of the US economy. The U.S. tourism sector is highly developed. Besides having a number of tourist attractions, the U.S. also has a wide range of both large and boutique hotels that offer accommodation to visitors. Bed and Breakfast Inns are also popular and can be a nice way to meet your local hosts.

Ever Evolving Style

Everyone likes fashion, and one fun thing about the U.S. is that each city has its own unique way of defining fashion. The good thing is that you’re free to design your own style and can always come up with something trendy. From new hairstyles to modern jean wear or just how to wear makeup perfectly, when it comes to fashion, there’s something for everyone in the States. One positive thing about the American people is that they are always inspired by style and no fashion innovation lasts for too long before something new is introduced.

Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah.
Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah.

Appreciate Your Own Lifestyle

Visiting another country can be fun, but there is nothing better than home. In your country of origin, you can eat your favorite dishes, sleep on your bed and do your normal routine. As much you will enjoy all the tradition and scenery that America offers, it’s always nice to go home. Spending time abroad in places like the United States, you’ll find you still appreciate the way you live back home.

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