This sod-roof house can be found at Skansen, Stockholm's living air museum. Historical homes from around Sweden have been preserved and moved to Skansen.

Stockholm, SwedenThe morning sun burns overhead in a deep blue sky, but it’s still cool here in Stockholm. I pull a sweatshirt over my head and suppress a shiver, wondering about the friend beside me.

Orit Feldman-Dahlgren is wearing sandals and a short-sleeved shirt. She looks downright giddy about the sunshine and is unbothered by the temperature.

“It’s almost summer,” the Stockholm native replies when I ask how she can wear sandals in the cool temperatures. “I always wear sandals in summer, no matter what.”

The coming arrival of summer here in Sweden, like in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, is a cause for celebration. The long, dark days have been replaced by lazy weeks filled with sunlight. Those who have spent the winter indoors come out to play with a vengeance.

This issue of Go World Travel celebrates the changing of seasons by taking you to Sweden and Iceland, lands of the midnight sun, as well as into the Virginia Wine Country, where another wine season is just underway.

We listen in as a Canadian mom takes her two daughters cruising in Greece (with some surprising generational discoveries) and then follow Australian Susan Miles as she visits the DMZ in South Korea.

The world is full of amazing people, and Susie Krabacher is one of them. This former Playboy model is often called the “White Mama” by the children she now serves in Haiti. We tell her unique story in this month’s “Fascinating People” column.

We hope you enjoy this month’s stories. Are there places you’d like to read about? Let us know!

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