NOAD home. Photo courtesy of NOAD

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If you have a remote job and a home base that you’re willing to share, you meet the criteria for an ideal way to save money while traveling. NOAD, a unique home exchange network, enables its members to enjoy free stays at homes all over the world by reciprocally opening their homes to fellow members.

How Does NOAD Work?

How Noad Works. Infographic courtesy of NOAD
How NOAD works. Infographic courtesy of NOAD

To join, you have to apply to make sure you meet the criteria. Then, you can sign up for a membership and browse the many possible accommodations waiting for you during your next adventure.

You automatically receive credits (amount depending on the membership you buy) upon sign-up, which allows you to have free overnight stays only paying a small cleaning fee. And, they don’t have to be simultaneous and reciprocal exchanges. To acquire more credits, you have to offer nights in your home for other members.

To ease your mind, homes are always thoroughly cleaned after a stay. Knowing that other members are also sharing a home gives them peace of mind. For further reassurance, you have complete control over when you offer your home and who you approve of staying there. If other members are willing to host, it’s unlikely that they would be poor guests in your home. There is also $5 million damage protection to ease your mind.

Membership Plans

Upon membership sign-up, you have other opportunities to earn credits right off the bat by listing your home, uploading walkthrough videos, and referring friends. There are two annual membership choices, the standard plan and the pro plan.

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Noad membership options. Infographic courtesy of NOAD
NOAD membership options. Infographic courtesy of NOAD

Conditions for Qualifying and Hosting

If you rent or lease your home, you can sign up with the understanding of the potential risks when it comes to damages. It’s wise to let your landlord know in advance and specify that you aren’t getting any money from the guests.

Even if your HOA doesn’t allow vacation rentals, you still qualify for hosting because they are considered guests rather than tenants. Since you aren’t collecting income, it isn’t considered a rental. Of course, landlords might have specific conditions and veto the idea but most times it is allowed.

All hosts are required to have a speedy internet connection (10 Mbps at least), a designated work space, and a relatively tidy home before guests visit. Hosts will also receive a host guide upon sign-up which outlines the specific details to be the best host.

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Why You Should Try Out Noad

User features. Infographic courtesy of NOAD
User features. Infographic courtesy of NOAD

When you are a remote worker, life can get rather monotonous when you work from home all the time. With few reasons to leave the house, remote workers can feel stagnated and lethargic if they don’t have plans in place to get out of the house. The flexibility of remote working offers a wonderful opportunity to try the digital nomad lifestyle and add some excitement to your life.

Some benefits of signing up for NOAD include the ability to travel the world while still being productive, not spending a fortune on accommodations, and turning your home into a valuable asset. Additionally, you have the option to swap with like-minded individuals and take frequent workcations.

Additional Ways to Earn Credits

Infographic courtesy of NOAD
Infographic courtesy of NOAD
  • Add a video walkthrough of your home: 1 Credit
  • Complete your home listing & update availability: 1 Credit
  • Leave a thank you note for your host and provide feedback: 1 Credit
  • Have an intro call with one of the co-founders: 1 Credit
  • Contribute content for our blog: 4 Credits
  • Refer a friend: 2 Credits

*Credits can also be transferred among members

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Safety and Security

It’s important to know what is and isn’t covered in NOAD’s damage protection policy.


  • Guest damage to belongings/contents
  • Guest accidental and malicious damage
  • Guest damage due to theft
  • Guest damage to common/shared areas

Not Covered

  • General wear and tear/cosmetic damage
  • Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host
  • Damage not caused directly by a guest

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Workspace in Porto, Portugal. Photo courtesy of NOAD
Workspace in Porto, Portugal. Photo courtesy of NOAD

How much is a typical cleaning fee?

NOAD prides itself in not having any hidden fees when exchanging homes regardless of home size, location, and number of guests. They are transparent in that all you have to pay is a cleaning fee. But you’re probably wondering – how much should I expect to pay for a cleaning fee?

Waiting on email response for cleaning fees

Hosts are required to set up cleaners in advance to come after each visit. NOAD can also help hosts find good local cleaners if need be. Prices vary depending on location and level of service. Cleaning costs can be paid by the guest within the NOAD system.

It’s courteous to leave the place tidy beforehand guests come. Guests will also receive a “Guest Guide” so everyone is on the same terms.

Are NOAD members vetted by the company before they’re able to join?

Yes, NOAD prioritizes member safety and comfort and makes sure both hosts and homes are up to their standards. They run background checks on hosts and have strict identity verification processes. Fortunately, nearly all members treat other homes like their own because they know what it’s like to host. Each home is reviewed for home office compatibility with strong WiFi.

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Infographic courtesy of NOAD
Infographic courtesy of NOAD

Who are the members?

NOAD is a community full of professionals who label themselves as any of the following: hybrid workers, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and empty nesters. This community makes traveling more authentic and less transactional.

Can I travel with other people?

Of course! You can bring friends, family, and whoever else you’d like without any additional fees.

Are there any minimum hosting requirements?

No, each member has the choice of when and how long they wish to host.

Do I have to worry about utilities?

Utilities are negotiable between the host and the guest depending on the duration of the stay, the season, and the location.

Home in Seattle, Washington. Photo courtesy of NOAD
Home in Seattle, Washington. Photo courtesy of NOAD

Here’s what you should discuss with your host beforehand:

  • Is it the height of summer or winter?
  • Is the booking longer than 1 or 2 weeks?
  • Are there any unusual utility requirements to consider?
  • Is the location particularly cold or hot, needing more heat or AC?

If I have roommates can I still host?

NOAD allows two types of home exchanges: “entire places” or “private rooms.” Have a conversation with your roommates ahead of time to make sure you’re able to rent out your room and that guests are guaranteed to have a private space.

How do I check in?

Check-ins are done virtually and typically take five minutes. During this orientation, you can clarify living conditions. If you have roommates the guest can meet them virtually ahead of time.

What happens if a guest or host cancels?

Typically, if a guest cancels, credits are refunded to the guest unless a host has already spent them. It is the host’s choice whether they refund the credits or not. If a host cancels, the credits and cleaning fee are refunded to the guests.

Where Do NOAD members reside?

Member homes. Infographic courtesy of NOAD
Infographic courtesy of NOAD

The pool of members is always growing. Therefore, more places are popping up on the map every day. Currently, there are accommodation options in North America and Europe.

Do I need to get a visa?

By mid-2025, everyone outside the EU will need a visa to visit Europe. It’s a nominal cost and isn’t too hard to get, but it’s worth being aware of that ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

Depending on the country, there are digital nomad visas available that allow for longer stays. Research the policy for each country before you visit.

Good to Know

Home in Paris, France. Photo courtesy of NOAD
Home in Paris, France. Photo courtesy of NOAD
  • Be wary of the cost of living in each destination you visit. Some popular destinations like New York, London or Paris are going to be much more expensive than less visited destinations. Save money by expanding your horizons and choosing unique destinations that cost less.
  • It’s smart to buy trip cancellation insurance for booked flights in case the host cancels. If you’re unable to cancel, NOAD can help find other nomad accommodations, but there’s no guarantee.
  • Many European destinations have boosted their digital nomad communities with internet cafes and coworking spaces. Remote work is becoming the norm in more and more places so community services are only gonna get better.

If you’re tired of expensive short-term rentals with AirBnB or VRBO, it’s worth giving NOAD a try. Home swapping is a revolutionary concept that is especially wonderful for digital nomads and remote workers who are location-independent and flexible.

Get out of the house and plan your nomad journey to experience a budget-friendly North American or European adventure.

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