Florida Travel Guide

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and for good reason. Located in the southeasternmost part of the U.S., Florida boasts long stretches of beaches, Miami’s South Beach nightlife scene, popular theme parks including Walt Disney World, and the Florida Keys. 

There is more to Florida than its beaches and theme parks located in Orlando, in central Florida. In the Florida Keys, Key West’s mangroves provide the perfect spot for paddle boarding or kayaking or snorkeling its coral reefs. Florida’s famous airboat rides through the Everglades are a hair-blowing blast of fun on your Florida vacation. If you make any day trips to St. Augustine, you will be greeted with a rich history of the U.S., including the famous Castillo de San Marcos Fort, which is a national park. For a more educational experience, head to Kennedy Space Center near Daytona Beach, on the Atlantic side of the state. 

Florida’s tourism industry continues to flourish thanks to the many vibrant cities and beaches including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Sarasota and Miami Beach. However, some of the best beaches are located in the panhandle of Florida near Pensacola.

Where is Florida?

Florida is located on the southeastern edge of the United States, bordered by the American states of Alabama and Georgia. Florida has miles of beaches and coastlines that stretch along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 


Getting Around Florida

If you plan on staying in one place in Florida, you will be able to use ride-share apps, local buses and other taxi systems to get around. But if you are looking to hit multiple popular cities and beaches in Florida, which are typically a couple of hours apart, Greyhound Bus Lines may be the best option to avoid expensive rides across Florida.  


English is the official language in Florida, as it is in all of the United States. However, approximately 20 percent of households in Florida speak Spanish. 


Like the rest of the United States, Florida uses the U.S. dollar.

When is the Best Time to Visit Florida?

Hands down, the best time to visit Florida is in the fall, winter and spring seasons, which means mid- October-May. While prices will be higher during these times because of the ideal temperatures, it will be worth your while. Sunshine blesses Florida all year round, but unpredictable storms and heavy rain in the summertime can leave things wet and extremely humid – not very fun for a getaway.

What to Pack When Visiting Florida?

If you are visiting the more-northern part of the state, shorts, tank tops and sandals are perfect for a day in the sun during the spring and summer season. The fall and winter season may be slightly cooler, which may call for jeans or a light jacket, but never anything too heavy. In the southern parts, shorts, sundresses, bikinis and swim trunks all year long will suffice. 

Walt Disney World Resort

Top 10 Things to Do in Florida