Family fun in Frisco, Colorado

Frisco, Colorado, is a hidden gem destination tucked away in Summit County. 

Situated on the western banks of Lake Dillon and a short jaunt to some of the best ski resorts and trail systems in the continental U.S., this town is a springboard to a high-country adventure and is also a place with some of Colorado’s most interesting and rich mining history. 

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My family and I spent a weekend exploring the historic Main Street, outlying city, and surrounding areas of this beautiful mountain town. Frisco rewarded us with these unforgettable experiences. 

Golden Horseshoe Sleigh Rides

Check-in at a frontier-style tent at Golden Horseshoe Sleigh Rides set the stage for our Wild West sleigh ride adventure. 

We grabbed mugs of hot cocoa, toppings and all, before settling into our sleigh with guide Wade, who introduced Johnnie and June, the trusty steeds that would be pulling us through the White River National Forest.

During the 30-minute ride, Wade shared the history of the land around us, a lot of which was heavily gold-mined in the 1800s. He pointed out the location of an accidental discovery of the largest piece of gold found in Colorado, weighing in at roughly 10 pounds.

We enjoyed the excursion for the big mountain views (Hello 13’er Mount Guyot!) and peaceful peaks around us. 

Hike to Rainbow Lake 

A winter hike in champagne powder is a must-do experience in the Rocky Mountains. 

Everett and I took off for some trail time to Rainbow Lake, a winding, single track trail through Aspen and Evergreen trees that gently encourages hikers up to an elevation gain of just below 500 feet. 

After hiking about one mile through fresh snow, we were treated to a view of the completely frozen over Rainbow Lake. Here we made snow angels, broke our own trail, and watched others enjoy the sights, some coming in on snowshoes and cross-country skis. 

My advice: Don’t let the winter season scare you off, even if snow is falling. Just layer up, because regardless of the season, this hike is worth the effort. 

Frisco’s Main Street

Cruising Frisco’s iconic Main Street, it’s easy to see the allure of this mountain town. Newer buildings are woven seamlessly into the original architecture, offering everything from dining, desserts, and shopping. 

With snow falling heavier by the minute, we dropped into Greco’s Pastaria, where we ordered pizza and the house special, lasagna bolognese, which we happily devoured inside the cozy environs. Another favorite Main Street spot was Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, where the beans are roasted in a hand roaster.

We sat outside and enjoyed our drinks and breakfast burritos while deciding where to head next. Enter: the Frisco Emporium, a three-story shop filled with treasures, from clothing and art to jewelry and antiques sold by more than a dozen vendors. Our toddler son had no trouble finding our next spot.

Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe has always been the home of coveted items. In the 1800’s it served as an assessment shop for precious metals, but since then, it has been transformed into an old-fashioned candy store in one of the most eye-catching buildings in town. 

Frisco is a place that leaves room for new players to mesh into the landscape. Pure Kitchen, a made-from-scratch-style restaurant that opened just over a year ago, has a seasonally rotating menu that is attractive to all palates. We decided on the chicken and waffles, veggie burger, and beet hummus, all of which were big on flavor and easy to enjoy in the bright and modern atmosphere.

Catty-corner to Pure Kitchen, keep an eye out for Outer Range Brewing Company for relaxed snacks with ample seating. Originally inspired by Belgian and IPA brews, this craft brewery has expanded its offerings to include the entire spectrum of beers. 

Tubing at Frisco Adventure Park

Skiing isn’t the only way to hit the slopes in Summit County. At the Frisco Adventure Park, TJ & I took turns lapping the hill until we couldn’t tell if our faces were numb from the cold or from laughing so hard watching one another fly down the terrain.

It’s a quick two-minute magic carpet ride to get to the top of the hill, where there are four lanes to choose from. Tubers Right offer steeper and faster runs, while tubers Left are (slightly) less speedy. At the top, adventure park attendants are quick to offer a spin for an even more wild ride. 


We booked our lodging through Summit Mountain Rentals to stay in a three-bedroom contemporary townhome just a few blocks from Main Street. With a streamlined and straightforward check-in process, it wasn’t long until we were settling into our new digs.

We were impressed with everything from the rooftop deck showing off panoramic mountain views to the finished basement offering a perfect set-up for a movie night, with a big screen and comfy couches.

More than anything, we found it easy to connect as a family here. From making breakfast together in the fully equipped kitchen to selecting from a well-stocked trove of board games to play together, it was enjoyable to spend time here and downshift to mountain time.  

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