Native Secrets: Inside Scoop on Skiing in Colorado


Skiing in Colorado
The rugged slopes of the Rocky Mountains are blanketed with snow, and once again, the world has begun to invade Colorado. Drawn by world-class ski resorts, visitors come from around the globe to swish down the slopes of the Rockies.

But often they miss the “real” Colorado.

In my mind, there are two sides to my native state. There is the Colorado in which I was born — friendly, down-to-earth, in love with the outdoors, filled with the gorgeous scenery of the Rocky Mountains, and most of all, bargain-conscious.

And there is the Colorado that the rest of the world knows.

The “other” Colorado, found in chic ski towns like Vail, Aspen and Beaver Creek, is filled with expensive resorts, Hollywood stars, high-end restaurants and, of course, gorgeous scenery.

This widely advertised version of my home state is lovely and well worth the visit. However, it can be expensive for those looking for a bargain. Sure, there is a lot to see and experience in places like Aspen and Vail, but if that’s all you saw on your visit to Colorado’s ski slopes, then you would be missing out — and your wallet would feel a whole lot lighter.

There is a whole other Colorado to be discovered.

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