Learn the world's most romantic language

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Whether you say Je t’aimeTe amo or Ich liebe Dich, expressing your love in any language is an emotional milestone. Learning a new language to let the special person in your life know just how much they mean to you goes beyond the average appreciation.

Rosetta Stone surveyed lovers worldwide to identify the most romantic language. The French language led the way with 60 percent; English came in second with 17 percent.

Rosetta Stone surveyed lovers worldwide to identify the most romantic language. Here's what they found.

Is French the Most Romantic Language?

Evidently, those with love on the mind should brush up on their French. A full 59 percent of those surveyed felt that Je t’aime was the most romantic way to say I love you, but 60 percent had never tried to learn another language to impress someone.

When it came to listening to love songs in different languages, 34 percent felt that songs in Spanish were the most romantic with French songs close behind at 29 percent.

What is the World’s Most Romantic Language?

Here are some of the Rosetta Stone love language findings:

What is the most romantic language?

Learn a New Language

Ready to prove your love by learning a new way to surprise your partner?

There are many fun language learning apps, from Rosetta Stone to Duolingo. Perhaps the best way to learn a new language is by traveling to a new destination and learning from locals themselves.

What is your opinion on the world’s most romantic language? Add your thoughts below!

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