Unplugging through Travel

At Go World Travel, we love technology. We sit around in our offices dreaming of upcoming trends, and brainstorming about how we can better bring you the world.

And yes, I admit it — I’m addicted to email. I can’t imagine life without the World Wide Web.

That said, there are times when I just want to escape it all. I want the phones, the TV and the computer all to go away. But that’s hard to do in this fast-paced world. The only way I know how to escape it is to travel and leave it all behind.

I accomplished that goal while sailing with the Angelique in Maine (see Winds of Fate: Sailing in Maine). There is no 21st-century-Web technology in a 19th-century-style tall ship — and I liked that. There is only the sea, the horizon and the incredible power of the wind.

Those four days on the ship were a sorely needed refresher. I had a chance to breathe, to soak in nature and to enjoy my fellow passengers. No, it wasn’t a luxurious experience. We didn’t have a dramatic life-changing adventure. But it was salve for the soul, and what I truly needed. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

This month in Go World Travel, Canadian Cindy Patten recounts an unusual travel experience in Egypt that she’ll always remember, and Alex Dolan takes on a personal challenge when he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro. Senior Editor Leslie Forsberg returns to travel in Sweden to find treasures in the most unexpected places, while Lisa Hyer Davenport zooms through Italy on a Vespa to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary.

These are just a few of the stories in this issue of Go World Travel. We hope you enjoy them. Most of all, we hope they inspire you to hit the road for yourself.

Happy Travels!

Janna Graber

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