What Should a Travel Magazine Cover When We Can’t Travel?

What should a travel magazine cover when we can't travel?
Managing editor, Janna Graber, on a past trip to the island of Nevis.

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have left my head spinning. I went from packing for a trip to Australia to canceled flights, then closed schools and businesses to isolation and social distancing.

Many of you are in communities on lockdown, trying to dream up ways to fill the days. Some of you have had your job affected, while others are still trying to get home from behind closed borders abroad.

Our world seems a little upside down, doesn’t it?

Travel and Tourism

It’s been especially difficult for those in the tourism industry. Our thoughts are with our friends who work for hotels, airlines, tour operators and cruise companies, who have had it especially hard. We’ll be there to support you when we can travel again. 

Travel Magazine

Even at Go World Travel Magazine – a company dedicated to telling the stories of travel – we’ve wondered how best to handle the current situation. Should we keep writing about places none of us can visit right now? 

What should a travel magazine cover when none of us can travel?

The more we’ve thought about it, though, we realized that for many of us, travel is one of life’s true joys. If you’re anything like me, you get almost giddy planning for an upcoming adventure. A different part of me comes alive when I’m traveling and exploring someplace new.

Travel Connects Us All

The best part of travel, though, is that it connects us with each other – as individuals, as communities, as countries.

Janna and her husband, Ben, in Cambodia in December.
Janna and her husband, Ben, in Cambodia in December.

World Snapshots

While we can’t travel right now, we still want to provide that connection to others. That’s why we’ll be starting a new series called World Snapshots that will introduce you to unique and extraordinary people around the globe.

Our first story is about a family from Vienna. Their grandfather invented the snow globe – and they still make them in Vienna today.

Stories of Travel

We’ll be sharing those stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, our site. We’ll also continue to bring you stories of travel from around the globe.

Though we don’t want to discount the current world situation, we also want to hope and look forward to the future. Yes, it might be many months before we can travel without worries again, but when that day comes, we’ll be ready to pack our bags.

So, for those of you who are adventurers, travelers, explorers and nomads, we’ll continue to share stories and photos of travel. The hashtag #travelsomeday might be our manta for now, but you can tuck away these ideas for your future bucket list.

I know I will.

How are YOU riding out the virus blues? (Read More: How to Escape When You Can’t Travel)

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Stay well! 


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