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Road trips in the fall are a distinct experience well worth trying out. You’ll encounter new scenery at its finest when it’s ablaze with reds, oranges, and golds. You can wrap yourself in knit sweaters and warmer clothing as the sleepy summer heat drops to a crisp, exciting chill.

Perhaps best of all, you can wander around your stopovers post-tourist season. What better way to encounter all the breathtaking fall sites of America than having it almost entirely to yourself at this time? You can hike the Grand Canyon, discover the small towns of Yosemite Valley, and climb the Black Hills of Dakota in wonderful serenity.

You have to get there first, though—and during your journey, you’ll want to have certain supplies in stock to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your autumnal cross-country adventure. Here’s an essential list of what to pack for your fall road trip.

Sunglasses. Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel, Unsplash
Sunglasses. Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel, Unsplash


You may associate shades more with sunbathing at the beach during the summer. However, they’re a friend for all seasons—and considering you need your eyes to navigate during your fall road trip, you’ll require sunglasses to protect your precious vision from harmful UV radiation.

They can also help you drive longer, supplying tinted comfort that reduces eye strain and fatigue. Oakley’s sunglasses collection is particularly good at this—all of their sunnies are equipped with lightweight frames that won’t bother you during long drives and the option to polarize lenses with their PRIZM lens technology.

This eye tech is engineered to both block sun glare and enhance color and contrast, allowing you to view your destination’s fall foliage in all its beauty.

Neck Pillow

Fall means the days are getting shorter, which means your body is getting less vitamin D and more naturally prone to fall fatigue—a condition characterized by brain fog and lack of energy. Fall fatigue also disrupts sleep, so you’ll have genuine tiredness mixed with these symptoms.

As driving class has probably informed you, staying behind the wheel is not a good idea when your eyes are drooping. That doesn’t mean you have to call off your trip—you just need to pull over by the side of the road and take naps when needed. For this purpose, consider bringing a neck pillow.

There’s evidence that this handy cushion can reduce morning aches and improve chronic neck pain. When sleeping on the go, a horseshoe-shaped one is a life-saver, supporting your neck so it doesn’t jolt to one side. For this, you can try the Cabeau Evolution S3. Made of memory foam, it’s firm enough to offer you support and plush enough to grant you great shut-eye even in your car.

Chilled Delights. A cooler full of refreshing options on ice. Photo by Sandrene Zhang, Unsplash


One of the best things to do during a fall road trip is to take advantage of the cool weather and delve into a patch of nature for a picnic. That forthcoming chill, however, can also turn your piping-hot food items lukewarm before you find the perfect spot.

There’s a simple solution, however: use a cooler. Contrary to its name, it’s not solely used to keep drinks cold. Its insulated design can also lock in heat. You’ll want to line the cooler with a towel, place any hot dish double-wrapped in foil, and then cover it up with a few more towels.

This method can retain the food’s heat for several hours, so you can enjoy a deliciously warm meal at the next fall haven you find. You can use a Cabela Polar Cap 80, a durable, high-capacity cooler with excellent insulation.

Anti-Fog Spray

Fall marks a transitional point for the weather, involving swings that lurch conditions from hot to cold. This makes a prime environment for fog to creep up on your car’s windshield and dangerously block your view of the road. You can combat this, however, by bringing along some anti-fog spray.

Note that during the cooling months, condensation will form on the inside of your windshield, so you should purchase a spray made for interior glass like Rain-X Anti-Fog. When you wipe it on, the product treats the glass with a coating that rapidly disperses moisture. You’ll then be able to drive the roads with clarity, confidence, and safety.

Your fall road trip across winsome, glowing landscapes awaits you. Make sure you bring these items so you’re prepared to have a good time.

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