Beach vacation tips

Since travel has been so limited over the past year, it is understandable if you have forgotten how to prep for the perfect beach day. There are certain things that can ruin your day if you forget to pack them. After all, as gorgeous as a beach is, it can get uncomfortable very quickly.

Make sure to pack these 10 items so that your beach holiday goes according to plan.

1. Sunglasses

There is a certain charm to seeing life unfiltered by sunglasses. However, that charm wears off very quickly. Even on overcast beach days, a heavy glare can reflect off the sand. You’re left to either keep your eyes tight shut or keep your sunglasses on. Get a hardy and fashionable pair of sunglasses and you won’t have to worry about sand and seawater ruining them.

2. Sunscreen

I get it. There are few things that evoke more discomfort than the thought of applying sunscreen on a beach. However, the initial coat you applied at home will not be enough, especially if you are going to swim. Use the beach showers to rinse off to prep your body for reapplication of that sunscreen.

3. Flip-flops or sandals

Sometimes you are going straight to the beach from a venue at which you had to wear sneakers or dress shoes. Alternatively, some people just aren’t comfortable wearing open-toed shoes. But there are few things worse than putting shoes on when your feet are full of beach sand. Bring a pair of flip-flops in a bag if you can’t wear them to the beach.

What to bring on a beach vacation4. Water

Unless you’re going to a beach club, there’s no guarantee you will be able to get something to drink on demand. Bring a bottle of ice-cold water, so that it is still drinkable even after some time in the sun.

5. Cooler bag

A cooler bag will keep your water and anything else you bring to consume both chilled and clean. If you’re planning to eat on the beach, a cooler bag is an absolute must, as your food can otherwise become quickly inedible.

6. A Journal

The sea inspires introspection, simply by its sheer size and power. Sitting on the beach, watching the waves can be the perfect time to write down some thoughts on yourself and your connection to nature.

7. Snorkelling Gear

Snorkelling is an epic activity when you are out at sea, far from where the waves are breaking. However, some beaches have perfectly calm water. While you are unlikely to see much marine life, you’ll be amazed at how relaxing it is to float on the water, looking into a whole other world.

8. Aftersun

Even if you do not get sunburnt, applying aftersun at the end of a day at the beach is prudent. A good aloe product will cool your skin, relieving it of potential pain and helping you feel comfortable. This is especially important to remember if you are not going straight back to the vacation home or hotel.

9. Something Warm

If you’re in a location that is not all that warm at the moment, bringing warm clothing is a no-brainer. But even if the weather is hot, a warm piece of clothing to cover your shoulders will keep you comfortable if the wind starts to pick up. Having spent a day in the sun, even a small temperature drop will be felt.

10. Beach bag

Finally, you should have a designated beach bag to carry everything. This should be a bag that can get wet and sandy and still be easy to clean. Naturally, your designer handbag is not fit for this purpose.

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