Eltz Castle in Wierschem, Germany

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Did you know that your next travel destination can be a castle? And it won’t be a simple tour around the grounds: you can stay in it and feel like a royal from the older times.

Europe is a treasure trove of medieval history where fortresses, palaces, and castles don the high hills and plains.

The fortresses were built to protect against invaders, whereas the palaces and castles served as residences for the royals.

The wealthy royals loved to flaunt their wealth and built magnificent palaces or castles with beautiful gardens, halls, and pools to spend quality time away from the commoners.

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Not all castles are in good condition. Some are lying in ruins, whereas others have passed on down the generations and are well managed by the owners. On the other hand, many have become luxurious hotels where anyone can experience royalty for a few days.

We have compiled a list of Medieval-style hotels that offer fantastic accommodation options and fulfill your dream of staying at beautiful castles in Europe.  

Thornbury Castle. Photo by Jonathan Cannon, Pixabay
Thornbury Castle. Photo by Jonathan Cannon, Pixabay

Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, UK

The 16th-century castle, once the residence of King Henry VIII, has been transformed into one of the finest luxury hotels in Europe. The king once came here for his honeymoon accompanied by his 2nd wife, Anne Boleyn, and it is the same castle where his daughter Queen Mary I resided for many years. 

Walled Gardens, Turrets, Paneled rooms, unique ceilings, incredible wall hangings with intricate artwork, mesmerizing fireplaces, and king-sized beds. Your stay in this castle will be one memorable experience as you can experience royal pastimes like archery and falconry.  

The Thornbury Castle is only 12 miles from Bristol, and you can always go to Cotswolds for an exciting tour. Thus, if you are looking for the top regal getaway, Thornbury Castle is worth your consideration. 

Galway, Ireland. Photo by Justin Scocchio, Unsplash
Galway, Ireland. Photo by Justin Scocchio, Unsplash

Ashford Castle in County Galway, Ireland

Ashford Castle is another popular tourist destination amongst travelers looking forward to spending a few days like a royal. It features huge towers and large grounds that overlook forested islands. This incredible 800-year-old castle is now a fully functional luxury hotel that offers travelers all modern amenities along with the medieval experience.

From horse riding to golfing and fishing to walking, you’re in for some royal experience during your stay at this luxurious castle. This stunning castle receives a steady stream of visitors from across the globe, and you, too, can enjoy a night or two at this amazing place.

Glenapp Castle, Ballantrae, South Ayrshire, Scotland

The Glenapp Castle is much younger than the other European castles; however, it offers a splendid view of the sea beyond the walled gardens.

The castle is located on the western shores of Scotland. You can enjoy a quiet stay at the hotel while savoring some great dishes at the fantastic restaurant. You can go on a sea safari to explore the remote islands or stop for a sumptuous meal at one of the villages.

Oberwesel, Germany. Photo by Karl-Heinz Cronau, Pixabay
Oberwesel, Germany. Photo by Karl-Heinz Cronau, Pixabay

Hotel Schoenburg in Oberwesel, Germany

The German word Schoenburg means beautiful fortress, which is an appropriate word for a castle situated in a stunning location. The castle is located higher up the Rhine Valley while overlooking the surrounding forests and gorge. Hotel Schoenburg is a 1000-year-old castle with a very long history and many legends associated with it.

If you’re looking to spend some quiet time amidst vineyards and amazing gardens while strolling on the streets of medieval towns, Schoenburg won’t disappoint you. The castle also houses a museum, so you get a good dose of history served here.

You will be mesmerized by the spectacular rooms and the interior décor, but we’re sure you will enjoy the tiny balconies and cragged streets more. Don’t forget to walk around.

Medieval style, not medieval comfort

Medieval lifestyle might fascinate you but not enough to live without the amenities you have grown accustomed to. Therefore, check whether a medieval style offers the comforts you are looking for to make your stay all that more pleasant. 

For instance, a reliable internet connection is one necessity that guests will require. Even if the chosen hotel offers Wi-Fi, you should always install a VPN for PC or phone before accessing the internet. A Virtual Private Network safeguards your connection and prevents snooping. Thus, you can stream videos, play games, or check your bank account without worrying that someone might be able to see what you do.

After all, even if you stay in a castle, your experience does not have to reject modern technology. In fact, most such hotels will surely take good care of their guests. Of course, it is always best to check whether your required comforts are ready at the hotel you plan to choose. 

If You Go

Europe has many castles just waiting for guests. Thus, if you have always dreamed of a fairytale vacation, you will certainly find the destination for you. However, it is guaranteed that you will be surrounded by beautiful nature!

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