8 Reasons to go glamping in the UK

8 Reasons to go glamping in the UKThe popularity of glamping is on the rise. It’s a unique way to combine the luxury and comfort of a traditional hotel stay and an outdoor camping experience.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a more glamorous form of camping, offering resort-style services and amenities in a natural setting. It’s often where Mother Nature meets modern luxury.

Glamping is growing in popularity all over the world, and it’s especially big in the UK. Modular building experts Cleveland Containers provided eight reasons why you should try glamping in the British Isles this summer.

Experience Nature

The opportunity to be in nature is often the most compelling reason to choose a glamping holiday. With so much technology intertwined in our lives, from smartphones to smart homes, many travellers are choosing to reconnect with nature and remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

There’s no comparison between staying in a resort or hotel and being out in the wild experiencing nature. Glamping and being outdoors gives you a sense of freedom that you won’t find with other holidays. Plus, with glamping, you won’t find any huge spiders or enormous bugs sharing your sleeping bag with you!

Glamping offers a comfortable place to sleepDon’t Compromise on Comfort

Unlike camping, with glamping, you don’t have to sleep on a cold and hard floor. You can sleep in a warm and cosy bed. Say goodbye to the back or hip ache you may pick up from a week of sleeping in the outdoors. Whether enjoying the Scottish Highlands or Cornish Coast, glamping means you sleep in a comfortable bed and get a good night’s sleep.   

The Best of Both Worlds

Glamping means you can have all the facilities of a traditional holiday whilst being able to participate in the outdoor activities associated with camping. For example, you can have a refrigerator and electricity whilst having an open fire to BBQ your dinner or toast marshmallows. You can walk and get caught in the rain, but return to a warm cabin with fresh, dry clothes. You can step outside your cosy bedroom and look up to see nothing but the night sky. Having the facilities of conventional accommodation, as well as the authentic nature of a camping holiday is a huge selling point.

Glamping provides nature and comfortable accommodationsSafe and Secure

Keeping your loved ones and valuables safe whilst on a glamping holiday. Most glamping, accommodations have effective locks, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your valuables in a tent or locking them in your car.

Less Hassle, Less Stress

One of the most laborious tasks you have to do on a camping holiday is setting up your sleeping quarters for the week, and one of the most miserable tasks is packing up your tent at the end. With glamping, there is no setup and no packing away. There is no fumbling around to set up a tent in the dark if you arrive in the night, and no need to squeeze an enormous tent back into a tiny bag at the end of the holiday. Glamping means you can simply turn up and leave at your own pace – no stress.

Affordable Family Experience

Glamping and staycations are becoming extremely popular with families. Taking a whole family abroad for the summer holiday can become incredibly expensive; flights, accommodation, travel money and experiences all add up. This makes a family break abroad this summer increasingly unaffordable for many people. Glamping offers you a viable alternative to travelling abroad with less travel time, reduced travel fees and often cheaper activities whilst you are there.    

Glamping offers a unique experiencePhoto Opportunities

Both in Britain and abroad, there’s no denying there are some beautiful parts of nature to be discovered. By going glamping, you are often placed right in the middle of these amazing areas of natural beauty. Whether you are an amateur with aperture or slick with an SLR, you can be sure to find some great sights to capture on your holiday. Modern phones mean that most people can take wonderful pictures and snapshot treasured family memories in the blink of an eye.

Festivals and Events

Many festivals now offer glamping as an option. Music fans can often be put off attending festivals by the idea of staying in a crowded campsite, with loud and disruptive drunken revellers – or knowing that they will not be able to wash or have a shower for five days. Glamping gives the festival fan the option of staying in their own private living area on a quieter part of the campsite. Every morning you can have a shower and a cup of tea before heading out to see some of your favourite bands with your best friends. Therefore, glamping is a great option to consider if you want to visit a festival in comfort, luxury and style.

With so many incentives to give glamping a try this summer, why don’t you consider mixing up your regular summer holiday and book your family a glamping holiday? Kick start your outdoor adventure. This many people can’t be wrong.

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