Canadian Love Affair

Dog Sledding in Canada
Dog Sledding in Canada

I met my first Canadian when I was 15. He was an older man — 18 at the most —with long, blond hair and shoulders the size of an ox. He said words like “aboowt” and swaggered while he talked of exotic-sounding places like “Saskatchewan” and “Manitoba.” I thought he was to-die-for.

Fast forward a few years (okay, a few more years than that), and I’m still awed by Canada and the people who call her home. Sure, we North Americans may sound or act alike at times, but Canadians have their own special take on the world — and that’s just one of the reasons I love vacationing there.

Canada is hard to define, for she is seaside villages, pine-covered mountains, giant urban cities and rich, golden farmlands. In this issue of Go World Travel, we celebrate our love affair with Canada with a special section on British Columbia, the country’s western-most province.

In Simple Gifts, Vancouver Island resident Cindy Patten introduces guests to her hometown of Nanaimo, while Linda Hagen Miller goes kayaking with teenagers in Johnstone Strait. Canadian Jeremy Ferguson offers his take on dining in British Columbia, while Eric Lucas travels in Victoria.

From there, we skip around the globe to cover skydiving in Austria, a visit to La Paz, Bolivia, and even a tour of London’s architectural masterpiece, the Westminster Abbey, which was featured in the best-selling book, The Da Vinci Code.

While we cover popular destinations like Finland and Portugal in this issue, we’re also dedicated to covering the lesser-known regions of the world. Author Christy Quirk, who is currently living in Azerbaijan, brings us an unvarnished look at life in Turkmenistan.

And since travel is not without its lighter moments, Joan Fitting Scott returns to our pages with yet another tale from her worldwide adventures — or, in this case, misadventures.

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