Off-Season Travel: Greek Island-Hopping

leadgreekislandIsland hopping in the Mediterranean in February?” my friend asked, incredulously. “It’ll be cold and wet, everything will be closed and there’ll be no tourists,” she continued.

Well, I thought, it’s certain to be warmer than Britain, my home country, and I’m sure the local people still eat, drink and hold animated conversations in the tavernas (Greek cafes) and coffee shops all year round. They don’t need visitors for company. And as for a scarcity of tourists, sometimes the fewer the better.

The idea of ferryboats carrying the locals from island to island without an accompanying horde of partying backpackers filled me with delight. Riding buses and hearing only the native language appealed to me.

And walking into a local restaurant causing the regulars to fall silent and stare at the stranger awakened my sense of adventure. Museums with no queues — the list goes on and on.

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