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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably wondered, “What does Kansas City have to offer?” Before moving here in 2018 I didn’t think there was much to this city.

But, from the moment I stepped off the plane to apartment hunt, I was proven wrong.

Kansas City (both the Missouri and Kansas sides) are packed full of life, adventure, great food, and amazing people. Furthermore, as an avid coffee lover, I was immediately swept away by the phenomenal Kansas City coffee shops and the community surrounding them.

However, if coffee isn’t your thing have no fear. An assortment of breweries and wineries are also available for your tasting pleasure. And the food options!

Well, let’s just say that whatever you’re craving, Kansas City can satisfy you. But honestly, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the Kansas City coffee scene.

Kansas City Coffee
Messenger Coffee Co and Ibis Bakery make a perfect team. Photo by Lauren Kailin Photography

Exploring the Kansas City Coffee Scene

My favorite way to explore a new city or simply to spend time in a city is to visit coffee shops. And Kansas City is, in my opinion, the coffee shop mecca of the Midwest.

I have yet to find a better way to get to know a city’s hidden gems than by going to a local coffee shop and just asking the barista. No matter your purpose, Kansas City has a coffee shop that will meet all of your needs and baristas that can recommend the best local places to see.

Do you want to sip your drip while browsing among plants? Then check out Thou Mayest in Family Tree Nursery.

Is your goal to sit and visit with a friend in a peaceful atmosphere? Go to Vested Coffee in the Garment District. Or, their second location on Beacon Hill.

The owners are two of the sweetest humans to ever own a coffee shop and the staff make you feel like family the moment you walk through the door.

The Kansas City coffee scene is on point. If you're a coffee lover you won't want to miss these epic coffee shops on your next visit to KC. #KansasCity #Midwest #Travelfor Coffee

For an added bonus Vested sell  Onyx Coffee, one of the nation’s top roasters.

Maybe what you’re looking for is a combo coffee shop/bread company? Oh yeah, we’ve got that. Messenger coffee teams up with Ibis bakery to satisfy the need for both coffee and carbs.

You can experience them at either Messenger Coffee in the Crossroads or a little further outside of the city at Black Dog Coffee.

These are also the shops to go for a business lunch. The food is amazing and if you’re at the Crossroads shop you have loads of space to choose from to sit. And who doesn’t like a homemade pastry to go along with their freshly roasted coffee?

Don’t leave without grabbing a loaf of bread. You won’t be disappointed. 

Kansas City Oddly Correct Coffee
Oddly Correct Coffee. Photo by Caylee Dugger

Kansas City is for Coffee Connoisseurs

Are you a connoisseur of coffee? In that case you’ll want to go to Oddly Correct (on the weekends they have homemade biscuits that are out of this world).

The way this shop roasts coffee is truly something special. Plus their unique artwork and style only add to the experience that is, oddly enough, correct. 

You can also experience some “midwest modesty” at Second Best Coffee. Their main espresso roast, Prototype, is my favorite standalone espresso roast in the whole city. With tasting notes of peanut butter and hazelnut it’s almost like you’re drinking dessert.

Alternatively, skip across the Stateline to KCK and hit up Splitlog Coffee Co on Strawberry Hill. Maybe you just want to grab a coffee while you shop for local souvenirs? In that case you’ll want to go to one of the Made in KC Café’s that lie throughout the city.

From River Market to the Plaza these cafés are the perfect place to swing by and grab a coffee while also picking up a unique gift by a local vendor or  artist.

Cause Coffee Kansas City
Cause Coffee. Photo by Caylee Dugger

Coffee For a Cause

But the fun doesn’t stay just in the city. Not far outside, in the greater KC area, you’ll find Cause Coffee. This cute, cozy, nonprofit shop in Desoto, Kansas and will steal your heart.

Everything they use and sell is certified fair trade and the shops’ proceeds go directly to support a different “cause” each month.

They have partnered with anti-sex trafficking and slave trade groups as well as organizations that work to build sustainable water wells in needed countries.

The Barista’s volunteer their time but by their joy you would never guess. The drinks are amazing and the food as equally delicious so you really can’t go wrong by stopping.  

I could go on and on about the shops already mentioned and then write another article about the shops that remain. But you don’t just need to read about these shops. You need to experience them.

Pick up the mug in your own two hands, breathe deeply of the sweet aroma of a fresh brew and enjoy the coffee that can only be found in Kansas City.

We’re a city known for football, but we have so much more to offer. The people that make up this city, the lives that breathe life into its streets, can’t be found just anywhere. That uniqueness influences everything in this city.

You’ll taste it in our BBQ or our tacos. You’ll see it in the murals that spread across the city. And you’ll taste it in every cup of coffee you drink. 

Oddly Correct Coffee Kansas City
Oddly Correct breakfast sandwich on a homemade biscuit. Photo by Caylee Dugger

Places to Visit if You Go:

  • Thou Mayest Coffee
  • Vested Coffee
  • Messenger Coffee Co.
  • Black Dog Coffee
  • Made in KC Café
  • Cause Coffee
  • Splitlog Coffee Co.

Not Mentioned in the Article but Still Worth a Visit:

  • PT’s Coffee
  • Rochester Coffee and Brewing 
  • Post Coffee Co. 
  • Pilgrim Coffee Co.
  • The Lottie
  • Third Space Coffee
  • Joy Coffee
  • Filling Station Coffee Co. 
  • Goat Hill Coffee & Soda 
  • Monarch Coffee
  • McLain’s Bakery 

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Author Bio: Caylee Dugger is a Kansas City transplant of three years. She has worked on and off in the Third Wave coffee industry for six years and loves to find the best local shops wherever she is. Her love for coffee is only rivaled by her love for writing and travel. When she isn’t spending time in a coffee shop or traveling she can be found with her friends or teaching children at her church. She’s always up for an adventure that can turn into a great story to share. She has been previously published on fathommag.com and invites you to check out her blog at:  cayleedugger.wordpress.com

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