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Where to See the Best Sea Life

Equip yourself with a snorkel, dive gear, or simply embrace your curiosity, as we guide you to the heart of the sea’s extraordinary wonders.

Uncover the secrets of encountering some of the ocean’s most remarkable creatures in their natural habitats. From the vibrant life of coral reefs to the enigmatic depths where elusive species thrive, discover how and where to intimately connect with the fascinating denizens of the deep.

Remember to respect and adhere to local guidelines to ensure a responsible and sustainable experience.

Whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez
Whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez. Photo by iStock

1. Whale Sharks in the Sea of Cortez. 

From October to February, whale sharks visit the Bay of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez. These magnificent creatures are the largest fish on the planet and can easily reach more than 40’ long and live up to 70 years. They average between 22 and 32 feet long.

Whale sharks are carefully protected, but you can swim with them with a licensed, knowledgeable tour operator. 

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Jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Photo by Sean Robertson on Unsplash
Jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake have lost their ability to sting, allowing swimmers, snorkelers and divers to experience them up close. Photo by Sean Robertson on Unsplash

2. Jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, Palau

If you’ve ever wanted to see jellyfish up close, you can do just that at Jellyfish Lake in Palau –and no, you won’t get hurt.

Over the last millennia, the golden jellyfish (Mastigias) and the moon jellyfish (Aurelia) in this enclosed body of water have developed a mild, almost unnoticeable sting. This offers a rare opportunity to swim with thousands of these unique creatures.

Access to the lake is only permitted with a local tour company, and there is a $35 entry fee per person. Popular packages include snorkeling, lunch in the Rock Islands and a visit to Milky Way, a beautiful cove famed for its white, skin-rejuvenating mud.

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A giant manta ray in Hawaii
Giant manta rays near the shore of the Island of Hawaii. Photo by iStock

3. Giant Manta Rays, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

With wingspans that reach up to 15′ across, giant manta rays look like awesome birds in flight. The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the few places where you can view these amazing ocean creatures up close.

In Hawaii, giant manta rays frequent the clear waters of Keauhou Bay, and local outfitters will take you out at night to snorkel or dive with the manta rays. After donning a wetsuit, you float near a string of lights.

Plankton is drawn by the light, and the manta rays feed on the plankton. The graceful manta rays are unimpressed by visitors and go about their nightly feeding, gliding near snorkelers to the delight of their audience.

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Manatees frequent the waters by Citrus County, Florida. Photo by Citrus Country CVB
Manatees frequent the waters by Citrus County, Florida. Photo by Citrus Country CVB

3.  Manatees, Crystal River, FL, USA

The warm, spring-fed water of Citrus County, Florida is a favorite destination for manatees—and one of the only places where nature lovers can legally swim with these gentle giants.

More than 400 manatees congregate in these waters during the winter, but the animals can be seen year-round. Swimming with manatees is something you’ll never forget.

Snorkeling or diving in the Crystal River offers the rare opportunity to view the animals in their own habitat. Be sure to go out with the assistance of a tour company.

They’ll supply a wet suit and gear, and show you how to view the manatees without disturbing them. Manatees seem unafraid of humans and react to swimmers and divers with characteristic good nature.

Beluga whales in Hudson Bay. Photo by Travel Manitoba
Beluga whales in Hudson Bay. Photo by Travel Manitoba

4. Beluga Whales, Churchill, Manitoba

They have been called “ocean canaries” because these white beluga whales seem to sing like birds when you hear them underwater. And you can do just that in Hudson Bay, near the tiny town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Each summer, thousands of belugas come to the bay to molt. You can view the beluga whales on a kayak or go out on a boat with a local tour operator in Churchill.

The whales react to kayakers and boats with indifference or curiosity and sometimes swim near to get a better view. You can even stand on the shore and watch these amazing creatures, which often swim in pods of 8 to 12.

Cage diving with great white sharks. Photo by South African Tourism
Cage diving with great white sharks. Photo by South African Tourism

6. Great White Sharks, Dyer Island, South Africa

Five miles out to sea on the southernmost tip of South Africa is Shark Alley, a favorite hunting ground of the Great White Shark. The waters are teeming with Cape Fur Seals and Jackass Penguins, a smorgasbord for these magnificent beasts.

Shark cage diving has become a popular sport, offering the rare opportunity to see the sharks up close. Outfitters provide the cages, the gear and the know-how. All you need to have is some courage. No scuba experience is required.

For the faint of heart, the great white sharks can often be seen from the boat, sometimes even breaching above the water while hunting.

A green sea turtle off the coast of Hawaii
Sea Turtle, Photo by Abner abiu Castillo diaz on Unsplash

7. Green Sea Turtles, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Turtle Town is a stretch of coastline between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. It’s known for its high concentration of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. The turtles often frequent the waters right off Maluaka Beach, feeding near the coral reef, even in the shallows.

Grab a snorkel and you’re likely to see one—or several. Green sea turtles are endangered, so give them plenty of room and don’t harass them in any way. Green sea turtles can live up to 80 years.

Dolphins at sunset. Photo by Nick Dunn on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Dunn on Unsplash

8. Dolphins, Bimini, Bahamas

The two small islands of Bimini, Bahamas are known for sports fishing, reef diving and swimming with the wild dolphins that call these warm clear waters home. Local outfitters take guests out by boat and provide snorkel gear.

Snorkelers drop into the water, and dolphins often choose to come near for some playful interaction. It’s not unusual for them to swim alongside snorkelers, or flip and jump from the water. You can look, but don’t touch. The experience is unforgettable.

A gray whale approaches a small group of whale watchers in Magdalena Bay. Photo by Janna Graber
A gray whale approaches a small group of whale watchers in Magdalena Bay. Photo by Janna Graber

9. Gray Whales in Magdelena Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Perhaps one of the most magical sealife encounters we’ve had can be found at Magdelena Bay in the Sea of Cortez. From December to March, more than 400 gray whales come to Magdalena Bay in lower Baja California Sur, Mexico. The protected lagoon is the perfect place for the whales to give birth and raise their young.

See the video: Whales of Magdalena Bay

Over the years, the gray whales that visit the bay have developed a curiosity for the humans that once fished in the bay. That fascination has been passed down through generations of whales, it seems, and even today, gray whales often swim alongside small boats to get a view of the humans inside.

Today, the whales are carefully protected. You can view the whales with a licensed tour operator who will take you out on the bay with a small panga boat.

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